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Sam Bayer


Our 3rd consecutive Inc 5000 win

Drum roll please… once again, we find ourselves named to the Inc 5000 list! Wow—I couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments, and I’m humbled by the way the market has responded to us. You might say our 3rd Inc 5000 win is “just a trophy,” but that’s not how we feel. To us, this is a massive stamp of approval on Corevist, our core values, our product, and our people.

Here’s what our 3rd consecutive Inc 5000 means to us.

Our core values create a winning company culture

I’ve written about our Core Values before. We use these values to guide everything we do. We hire around them, fire around them, and refer to them every day. It’s safe to say they define our company culture and our approach to our work.

They’re easy to remember, too, because they all start with P. 😊

  1. Be Passionate about our clients.
  2. Be Professional in everything we do.
  3. Be Proactive.
  4. Pursue Perfection Pragmatically.
  5. Protect our Scalable Lifestyle Business.

Because these Core Values guide the structuring of our team and the prioritization of our work, they continuously create an amazing company culture and long-lasting client relationships. Our Inc 5000 placement reinforces each of these values and every single interaction in which we’ve let these values guide our decisions.

Our people are the best in the business

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. The best Core Values in the world are worthless if your people won’t follow them. Of course, since we hire around these values, our team is already highly aligned with them—but still, everyone has to get up and choose to live these values, every day.

Our Inc 5000 win is a stamp of approval on our people. They’re getting up, and they’re living our values, every day. That makes me proud.

The market finds the choice they need in Corevist

The SAP ecommerce market wants choice. We’ve known that for ten years, and every time we talk to a prospective client, that truth is reinforced.

The market wants choice. We provide that choice. And we continue to grow.

I’ll touch on Corevist’s revenue in a moment, but my point here is that our continued growth demonstrates what a welcome alternative we are. We’ve grown every year we’ve been in business. That’s a huge indicator that our products have a tight fit to the needs of the market. Whether it’s our full digital commerce package, Corevist Commerce, or its modular components implemented separately (eCatalog, eCart, ePay, and eTrack), the market gets the choice they need from us.

We’re helping real people

This topic deserves its own blog post, but I’ll just touch on it here. We recently conducted a survey of our clients. The response rate was amazing, and there’s a lot for us to study in the responses as we continue to hone our product, processes, and marketing messages. But our Inc 5000 placement has me thinking about a few of the write-in responses we got. I’ll leave these comments anonymous, but they demonstrate how Corevist is solving real problems for real people.

Here’s the question and a few responses from our clients:

“What sets Corevist apart from the competition?”

  • “The solution is easy and quick to implement, with a great integration with SAP (Business rules and data from SAP). The Corevist team provides great support and engagement on projects.”
  • “Integration experience with SAP, timely responses and willingness to help diagnose problems.”
  • “I really appreciate the active and ongoing relationship we have with them. They meet with us weekly to track and resolve support issues or enhancements. They also come to us with suggestions on how to improve conversion.”

Our future is bright

Since our founding as b2b2dot0 in 2008, we’ve grown every year. Like any growth line, ours has a few zigs and zags, but we’ve never stopped growing. Here are our growth stats for the last 3 years. 

  • 2015, we gained 37.24% over 2014
  • 2016, we gained 42.21% over 2015
  • 2017, we gained 15.96% over 2016

Because of our Core Values, because of our team, our product, and the good we do for real people, we fully expect this trend of growth to continue. B2B manufacturers want a new way to run ecommerce that’s integrated to SAP. We offer the only true real-time integration on the market, and that means clean IT landscapes without data duplication for our clients.

The Takeaway

When I started Corevist with my cofounders in 2008 (we were called b2b2dot0 back then), I was optimistic. I knew we would find some sort of success. But I tempered my optimism and tried to stay realistic. I had no idea we would end up here. And boy, am I glad we did. Here’s to another great year, and to the future of Corevist.

Moving forward: FREE case study

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