Online Order Tracking

Online order tracking gets complex when you sell through multiple channels. Without a self-service order management dashboard, your buyers have to call Customer Service with questions like:

  • Where’s my order?
  • When did it ship–or when will it ship?
  • What are my open invoices?
  • What’s my account balance?

With self-service order management, your customers can answer those questions on their own.

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Find any order, regardless of channel, age, or status.

eTrack lets you search by any number of parameters.

SAP sales orders have a large number of attributes. When you enable eTrack, your customers can search by whatever attribute they need, just as they would when calling Customer Service–but it doesn’t cost you a phone call or salaried time. That’s the power of self-service.

See all orders that fit your search parameters.

Get shipping status, net value, and much more.

Where customers once had to call in or send an email to get a view into their outstanding orders, eTrack provides that information through self-service. For details on any order, the user simply clicks the Document Number (next section).

Get full details on every order, pulled straight from SAP.

Show your customers the “one true truth” about any order with real SAP data.

eTrack displays all the relevant information about every order posted to your SAP system. That includes Sold-To, Ship-To, shipment status, originating channel, and much more. With this information, you put total order management into the hands of your customers. That makes you Easier To Do Business With, and it relieves the burden on your Customer Service department.

Allow changes to Open Orders.

Configure the order change screen to match your needs (and your customers’).

Sometimes, customers don’t get it right the first time–or requirements may change after they’ve placed an order. With open order changes enabled, your eTrack portal empowers your customers to make specific adjustments before an order ships. This feature is fully configurable, so you get the change capability your customers need while restricting change types that would disrupt your existing business processes.

Supported Carriers

Our order management dashboard supports these carriers out of the box.

eTrack for SAP supports 25+ carriers out of the box. But if your carrier isn’t listed here, and if they have a tracking website, we’ll integrate with them at no charge during the implementation.

It’s just one more way we make SAP order management work for you and your customers.


Order management that works for your customers

B2B buyers don’t want to pick up the phone. They want to check order status with a few clicks. Why not give it to them?

Often, your customers just need to reprint a document like an invoice, Bill of Lading, or packing list. For manufacturers running SAP ERP, these kinds of routine requests keep CSRs so busy, they don’t have time to solve bigger problems. What if you could give your customers self-service, online B2B order management and reassign your CSRs to more meaningful tasks?

With Corevist eTrack, you can.

In just 30 days, with Corevist’s eTrack for SAP®, you can liberate all that information out of SAP® and give your customers access to the real-time information they need when they need it.

eTrack for SAP® offers real-time, cloud-based integration with SAP ECC 6.0, SAP All-in-One and R3 4.x.  And it’s the fastest way to provide your customers with an order management dashboard and save on your internal order processing costs.

Why Offer Online Order Tracking?

Why implement online order tracking? Because it puts your customers first.

In the age of Amazon, an enterprise order management system puts your customers first. They’ve come to expect self-service in their lives as consumers, and that includes an order status dashboard with live updates. When you offer a B2B order management solution that’s integrated to SAP, you become easier to do business with.

An online order tracking dashboard simplifies your back office business for increased productivity.

When you offer a real-time order tracking dashboard that’s integrated to SAP, your internal users and your customers get up-to-the-minute information on each and every order–regardless of the channel where it originated. This reduces routine calls to Customer Service, allowing your staff to focus on more urgent matters.

Real-time data from SAP means 100% accuracy in your order tracking dashboard.

Simply put, enterprise order management is not a candidate for batch synchronization with SAP. Your internal users and your customers need accurate data in real time–including updates from major shipping carriers. Corevist delivers all that and more.

If you’re still depending on phone/fax/email for order management, you need to shift to digital as soon as possible.

Why? Because the B2B industry is finally catching up with B2C. As your competitors launch self-service order management systems, your customers will increasingly expect seamless self-service. When you offer them an online order tracking solution today, you future-proof your business for an increasingly digital world.

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