SAP order tracking

Whether your B2B customers order via phone, fax or email, they all have similar questions:

  • Where’s my order?
  • When did it ship?
  • When will it ship?
  • What are my open invoices?
  • What’s my account balance?

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What does eTrack do for your customers?

Often your customers just need to reprint a document — like an invoice, Bill of Lading, or packing list. For most mid-market manufacturers, these kinds of routine requests keep CSRs so busy that they don’t have time to solve the harder problems. What if you could give your customers access to an online customer service portal and repurpose your CSRs to more meaningful tasks? You can.

In just 30 days, with Corevist’s eTrack for SAP®, you can liberate all that information out of SAP® and give your customers access to the real-time information they need when they need it.

eTrack for SAP® offers real-time, cloud-based integration with SAP ECC 6.0, SAP All-in-One and R3 4.x.  And it’s the fastest way to provide your customers a better order management experience and save on your internal order processing costs.

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Supported Carriers

eTrack for SAP supports 25+ carriers out of the box, and if your carrier isn’t on here, and they have a tracking website, we’ll integrate with them at no charge during the implementation.


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