SAP Order Entry System

Automate SAP order entry with a flexible, real-time ordering system for customers and internal users.

eCart, Corevist’s SAP order system, offers multiple SAP order entry options and provides real-time product pricing and availability information.

eCart offers numerous paths to SAP order entry. Everyone from “power users” and casual users of ecommerce get the functionality they need with your SAP shopping cart. Your customers can:

  • Upload product orders from Excel
  • Order from a digital product catalog
  • Copy a previous order, with or without modification.

See it in action

Corevist Cart

Is an SAP ordering portal really that simple?

Yes. Because we’ve mapped the complexity already, and it’s built right into eCart.

B2B relationships are complex, and an SAP order system must map that complexity. Your customers, dealers, distributors and sales reps often need updated and accurate answers to very specific questions before they can place orders: What’s my price? Is the product available? What’s the minimum order? What’s my discount? When will it ship?    

Providing answers to those questions can be time consuming and expensive. An SAP order entry system is the answer–and eCart for SAP is that application. It can help you ease — or even eliminate — the burden of checking SAP for pricing, inventory, and more.

Sold-to & ship-to loaded straight from your SAP system.

eCart supports the complexities of your customer relationships.

B2B relationships aren’t always 1:1. If your customers buy on behalf of multiple organizations, or if your Sales team uses ecommerce to serve a wide range of clients, we map those needs in your SAP order system. That way, every order (and every invoice) gets to the right place.

Offer quote requests in your ordering portal.

Not every product is a candidate for 1-click buying. That’s why we support quote requests.

For products that won’t work with 1-click buying, you can still simplify your order-to-cash process with self-service quote requests. When the user goes to create an order, they can choose one of several order types, including Quote. It’s one more way Corevist makes you Easier To Do Business With.

Need RDD & ATP? We’ve got you covered.

eCart supports the nitty-gritty details that make your company tick.

At Corevist, we know SAP. We know how important RDD & ATP are in the order-to-cash process. That’s why we bring RDD & ATP functionality to the web with eCart. That way, your customers get accurate information on available to promise, and they can specify a requested delivery date. It’s just one more way Corevist gives your customers 100% self-service.

Need seamless ePayments within your SAP order system?

Our eCart + ePay modules deliver.

When you couple Corevist ePay with eCart, you get self-service payments in addition to self-service order posting to SAP. ePay adapts to the way you do business, with payment methods like ACH, eCheck, credit/debit cards, and more.

One-click inventory lookup with live SAP data for contract pricing and availability.

Give your customers instant visibility into inventory levels.

Sometimes your customers just want to check inventory and/or contract price by SKU number. Our simple, intuitive inventory lookup window queries your SAP system in real time. That way, your customers get the information they need without going through the process of building an order.

SAP Order System + Catalog

Two ways to add browsing

Add click-to-order diagrams for spare parts

If you sell spare parts, click-to-order diagrams can take your SAP order system to the next level.

If your customers routinely buy spare parts for major machines, you can simplify their purchase process by offering click-to-order diagrams. Your customers get a visual representation of the machine that’s sitting in front of them. Rather than wading through a manual, finding the right SKU, and typing it into the search bar, they can order the right part with confidence by consulting the interactive diagram.

It’s one more way Corevist makes you Easier To Do Business With.

Add a standard, Amazon-style catalog

Offer full B2C-style browsing for your customers

If you offer many SKUs that are hard for your customers to differentiate, an Amazon-style catalog offers a solution. With product images, descriptions, and rich content, your users get the information they need to purchase the right product the first time.

You’ll love the cross-selling, merchandising, and upselling opportunities that only come with a rich catalog. 

Eliminate friction in the SAP order entry process

If you’re relying on phone/fax/email, you’re slowing your customers down (and wasting internal resources).

By providing real-time information on product availability, customer-specific pricing, shipping and delivery schedules, and more, Corevist’s SAP order entry system adds complete transparency to the product selection and delivery scheduling process. That means 24x7x365 self service and total ease of use. 

Plus, once your customer is ready to check out, you can offer the convenience of paying with a credit card with our B2B payment processing solution integrated to your SAP ordering dashboard.

Quick & easy for your buyers to use

eCart SAP shopping cart makes it easy and convenient for professional buyers to do business with you by providing them with all the information they need, when they need it.

In just 90 days, you can give your existing dealers, distributors and customers the ability to:

  • Find the pertinent information they need to be able to place orders online
  • Search for products and place orders online
  • Show real-time availability
  • Save shopping carts for fast access to frequent orders
  • Bulk upload CSV files for complex orders

eCart also allows your customers to place different order types including:

  • standard orders
  • sample orders
  • quotes
  • rush orders
  • seasonal orders
  • return orders

100% accurate SAP order entry

Unlike many of the orders you receive via fax or email, the orders you get from your eCart SAP shopping cart are 100% accurate and complete. Why? Because eCart enforces all of the business rules configured in your SAP system. For instance, if you require valid sold-tos and P.O. numbers, then orders can’t be placed without them.

The connection between eCart and your SAP® system is real-time and cloud based. It’s not duplicated or synchronized. Instead, it’s like a window into your SAP system. That means if the information exists in your SAP system, we can show it online, in real-time. Your customers get 24×7 access to the information they need and you get web channel orders that don’t require additional manual processing.

Modular and customizable.

eCart SAP shopping cart is part of our cloud-based, modular application and can be combined with other components of the Corevist solution family.

When implemented alone, or in combination with eTrack, eCart allows your approved buyers to order products online via purchase order. Once orders are placed, then your customers receive invoices and remit payments using their current payment method.

When you combine eCart SAP shopping cart with ePay for SAP, then your approved buyers can place orders online and checkout via:

  • purchase order
  • credit card
  • electronic funds transfer

Our solution isn’t just modular, it’s also customizable. Check out some of our use cases to see how we’ve evolved and expanded our core application based on feedback and request from our existing clients.

Hands-free SAP order entry on day 1

Don’t wait 9-18 months for an SAP ordering system. Our solution is live and integrated to your SAP system on Day 1, with all tweaks and custom functionality finished in 90 days.

Yes. You can literally run hands-free SAP order entry on Day 1.

Over the next 89 days, we use targeted focus groups with your customers and internal users to see what works and what doesn’t–in real time, from real people. That means when your project is complete, your solution prioritizes the most important issues facing your customers today. And because Corevist is fully scalable, you can always iterate and improve when you discover new needs in your market.

Real ROI. Really fast.

Each year, Corevist’s eCart SAP shopping cart processes over $1 billion worth of B2B eCommerce transactions in 15 languages, 131 countries and 8 currencies. Based on that experience, we’ve gained a lot of first-hand knowledge about where the costs savings come from when you implement our solution. Check out our ROI calculator to see what impact eTrack and eCart could have on your organization.

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