The industry leader in SAP catalog integration for ecommerce

Our SAP® eCatalog connector for Magento doesn’t replicate, duplicate or synchronize transactional data between SAP® and Magento. Instead, we keep your core business data where it belongs — in SAP®.

That means you get the best of both worlds. You can leverage the investment you already have in SAP®. Plus, you can take advantage of Magento’s powerful content management and marketing features to create beautiful, branded websites.

Our SAP-Magento connector also allows for your rich content to be proudly displayed to everyone on the internet in SEO-friendly fashion. This way you can attract as many customers as possible while only doing business with those that you want to.

See it in action

Contract pricing and real-time inventory at checkout

The real power the Corevist’s cloud-based and modular system is demonstrated when your customers check out. Instead of checking out through Magneto’s shopping cart, they do it through our eCart for SAP. That means your customers see contract pricing and real-time product availability before they place their order. Plus, all of your B2B business rules — like minimum orders and credit limits — are strictly enforced.

Other vendors may tell you that the only way to use Magento is to suffer through a very long and expensive “integration project.” Don’t believe them. We have the industry’s best Magento to SAP® connector and it works today, not 9 months from now.

Go live time frames

If you already have a Magento catalog in place, you can go live with eCatalog for SAP® in 2 weeks. That means in just 14 business days your existing rich-content catalog can be connected, in real-time with your SAP® system.

New SAP eCatalog implementations typically go live in about 90 days.

Catalog implementation & design

If you do not have a marketing department, and need help with the design and implementation of a Magento catalog, we have skilled staff that can assist you for an additional fee. For more information, contact us about our Magento design, development and support services.

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