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Corevist Commerce is a complete B2B customer ordering portal for those running SAP ERP. While most solutions simply give you a storefront with an Amazon like experience, they neglect the actual integration to your ERP system. We wanted to be better, so we created the first end-to-end SAP ecommerce platform. With a full integration to your SAP system, Corevist lets you extend all your business rules, without data duplication or redundant systems, to your storefront – in real time. Our ecommerce approach is simple: you’ve already created complex pricing rules, shipping rules, and inventory rules in your SAP system, so why would you duplicate that logic? Let SAP remain the sole system of record, while your customers enjoy a modern ecommerce experience. That’s Corevist Commerce.

  • Real-time SAP data in your web store
  • SAP NetWeaver Certified

See it in action

One SAP Ecommerce platform to do it all.

A modern catalog.

World-class user experience inspired by the best of B2C. Give your customers rich content, intelligent search, and cross-selling/upselling for related products–all in a beautiful, easy-to-use front end design that’s fully customizable and mobile-friendly. It’s a best-of-breed user experience for SAP-integrated ecommerce.

Got lots of product options? Enable our real-time product configurator within the catalog and cart (see next section).

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Corevist Catalog

An intuitive cart.

  • Get real-time pricing and minimum quantities
  • Place quotes and orders online
  • See real-time availability of products
  • Save shopping carts for frequent orders
  • Bulk upload CSV files for complex orders
  • Offer self-service product configuration with our web store product configurator.

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A flexible checkout.

Our module empowers your B2B customers to pay for orders and manage their accounts through self-service. With Corevist Commerce, your customers can pay instantly via credit card, ACH transfer, or invoice.

With real-time data on their account standing (straight from SAP), your customers can pay down outstanding invoices, too. This allows them to get their account back into good standing to place new orders.

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Corevist Cart 2

Corevist Dashboard

A customizable dashboard

Corevist Commerce offers 24×7 order status visibility to your customers–regardless of how the order was placed. Give your current customers, dealers, distributors and sales reps the ability to:

  • track open orders from all channels (ecommerce, email, phone, fax, EDI)
  • analyze their purchasing history with you
  • see open invoices and account balances
  • download and reprint order related documents.

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SAP Ecommerce for the Entire Organization

Simplify your Customer Service operation with SAP ecommerce. With orders posting automatically to SAP (and error messages automatically returned to the customer), your CSRs are freed up from tedious order entry tasks. You can downsize your Customer Service department and shift your team’s focus to high-value touches with your biggest customers.

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SAP ecommerce empowers you to sell your best. When you shift low-value tasks like routine reordering to ecommerce, you free up your Sales team to drive strategic business development and focus on high-value opportunities. That leads to increased revenue, increased commission, and greater value for your customers.

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SAP ecommerce doesn’t have to be a headache for IT. In fact, a well-architected solution like Corevist Commerce involves no data duplication or redundant systems. It all happens through our real-time integration to SAP, which loads your ecommerce store with SAP data for inventory availability, contract pricing, credit status, and more.

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You know you need to embrace the digital shift. You need ecommerce to create a cohesive brand—and you also need to increase the value of each customer interaction through personalized cross-selling and upselling. Corevist Commerce offers the customizable, mobile-friendly, best-of-breed UX you need that’s inspired by the best of B2C.

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Offer live data from SAP

B2B relationships are complex. Your customers, dealers, distributors and sales reps often need updated and accurate answers to very specific questions before they can place orders: What’s my price? Is the product available? What’s the minimum order? What’s my discount?

Providing answers to those questions can be time consuming and expensive. eCart for SAP can help you ease — or even eliminate — that burden.

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Offer self-service

Often your customers just need to reprint a document — like an invoice, Bill of Lading, or packing list. For most mid-market manufacturers, these kinds of routine requests keep CSRs so busy that they don’t have time to solve the harder problems.

What if you could give your customers access to an online customer service portal and repurpose your CSRs to more meaningful tasks? You can.

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Benefits of Corevist Commerce

Here’s what you get with our real-time SAP ecommerce platform:

Become ETDBW (easier to do business with)
by offering your customers 24/7/365 self-service order placement.

Reduce your cost of order fulfillment
by eliminating order errors (Corevist Commerce only allows 100% error-free order placement).

Future-proof your business
for the increase in mobile B2B ecommerce usage, especially among younger procurement managers and B2B buyers.

Reduce your Customer Service staffing expenses
by automating order placement through customer self-service.

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Your customer's journey


Your b2b customers are validated against information in SAP® at login. Once logged in, your B2B customers only see what they’re supposed to see…based on the business rules you set in SAP®.


Even if you manufacture and support multiple brands, your b2b users will be routed to their own personalized online catalog, with the right branding and the appropriate product & price based on what’s in SAP®.


Corevist’s SAP ecommerce solution provides a real-time window into your business data in SAP. That means all of the information displayed on your ecommerce store is up to date and accurate in real time.

Check Out

Last stop–customer checkout. Our SAP ecommerce platform wouldn’t be complete without our SAP-integrated shopping cart. This ensures real-time inventory and SAP business rule enforcement.

SAP Ecommerce Platform Highlights

Corevist’s SAP ecommerce solution includes a modern, mobile-friendly front end that’s fully customizable to drive your branding. That means your customers get the B2C-style user experience they’ve come to expect–and you become ETDBW (Easier To Do Business With).

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Your online b2b customers will only see what they’re supposed to see…based on the business rules you set in SAP®. You can create customized micro-catalogs for individual customers or groups of customers. As customers log in, they are automatically routed to the right catalog, with the right products and pricing based on your business rules.

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While your web customers browse and shop for products, they can see real-time availability, as it is defined in SAP.  Your SAP item inventory is affected by web transactions. The inventory is decreased on the web and in SAP whenever any online order is placed. Also, any stock update in SAP simultaneously updates the stock in your SAP ecommerce storefront.  If an item is out of stock, and an estimated arrival date exists in SAP, you can choose to show that to your web customers.

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Our SAP®-integrated shopping cart and checkout process ensures that all SAP® ordering rules, freight and tax calculations are executed as transactions are processed, in real time — eliminating any errors or data inconsistencies.

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Informed customers are satisfied customers. Give your dealers, distributors and sales reps real-time, self-service access to the questions they ask the most, like “Where is my order?”, “When will it arrive?”, and “Can I have another copy of that invoice?”.

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Special Prices or discounts for a particular period can be assigned to particular customers, customer groups, items, or item groups from SAP and immediately reflected in your SAP ecommerce storefront.

Discounts made in the web shop are taken into account in SAP and reflected on the sales order.

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Using our system, your customers can pay open invoices using e-check, ACH, or a credit card and payments are posted directly in SAP®.

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Corevist’s cloud-based SAP ecommerce platform enables you to have your new web sales channel up and running in a short time. With minimal up-front implementation costs, your ROI becomes achievable in a few months.

Once Corevist establishes a secure connection to your SAP® system, we leverage all of the work you have done and ensure that SAP® remains your system of record.

Our servers are colocated at Windstream, a SSAE 16, SOC 1, Type II compliant data center. Windstream’s data centers are built to a 2N power distribution design standard and feature dedicated redundant elements from top to bottom.

We establish a secure HTTPS connection with your customers, provide a fully redundant, no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure, and connect with you via a secure virtual private network. Our Service Level Agreement includes a guarantee of 99.9% up time.

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