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George Anderson


Above: The Corevist team at our 2018 Annual Retreat.

Inc. 5000, 4th Year Running

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an announcement. That’s right—Corevist has been named to the Inc. 5000 for the fourth year in a row! What’s more, Inc. tells us that a mere 1 in 13 companies makes the list four times.

We’re couldn’t be more thrilled to join the list again in 2019. The past year has found us busier than ever as we refine Corevist Commerce, grow our global presence, and launch web channels for new clients.

By way of reflection, here’s what we’ve accomplished since our last Inc. 5000 win.

We opened Corevist BY, our new office in Belarus

Four years after we first partnered with our Belarussian colleagues, it was time to bring them onboard as part of the Corevist family. This summer, we transitioned from an outsourcing relationship to opening our wholly-owned subsidiary in Belarus.

This change offers great benefits to everyone involved. Corevist clients get greater alignment from our Belarussian teams, and our people are no longer “serving two masters.” They’re able to focus and align wholly with the Corevist mission and core values.

Read the full story here: Say Hello To Corevist’s New Belarus Office!

Thanks to TierPoint, our datacenter partner, we weathered a hurricane


Hurricane Florence decimated the North Carolina coast in September, 2018. But thanks to our datacenter partnership with TierPoint, the hurricane was a non-event for Corevist clients. Even though TierPoint’s Raleigh datacenter lost power, the generators came on immediately and there was absolutely no impact on the global availability of Corevist Commerce.

Read the full story here: A Hurricane-Proof Partnership: Corevist + TierPoint.

We’ve partnered with Delego for SAP-integrated payments

If manufacturers are going to do ecommerce, they need a way to accept digital payments—ideally, integrated to SAP. Delego is a leader in SAP-integrated payments, so our partnership was a natural step.

With our Delego integration, manufacturers using Corevist Commerce can accept a wide range of digital payments like:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • eCheck
  • ACH

But that’s not all. The partnership also allows manufacturers to accept digital wallets and alternative payments like:

  • Visa Checkout
  • Mastercard Masterpass
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Alipay

Read the full story here: Corevist And Delego Announce Partnership for SAP-Integrated Payments.

We’ve refactored our production support process for greater efficiency

As Corevist has grown and our clients’ needs have become more complex, we found we needed to build a new process for production support. That’s why we moved to a “lean” model with 3 critical components:

  • One-piece flow—The developer who starts a ticket finishes the ticket. No task-switching or handoffs.
  • Pull process for tickets—There is now one support ticket queue. All tickets go into it. Once a developer finishes a ticket, he/she comes in and grabs the next ticket in the queue.
  • Automated QA testing process—To support the new process, we instituted automated QA checks so that deploys can happen any day (if necessary).

Read more here: UPDATE: Our New Production Support Process Is Thriving.

The Takeaway: We’re growing, and we’re here to stay

We believe our fourth Inc. 5000 win reflects our commitment to solving complex problems for manufacturers. We’re working every day to build the best SAP-integrated ecommerce solution in the world. With our application already processing over $1.5 billion annually for our clients, we like to think we’re getting there.

Here’s to the next year of Corevist innovations. :)

Moving forward: FREE case study

Want to see how Corevist innovation looks in real life? Download this case study on Mannington Mills. You’ll learn how this manufacturer of flooring launched a Corevist SKU Ordering Portal, then added a catalog with rich content and grew Corevist Commerce sales by 150%.

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