Payment Processing for B2B

Corevist integrates with Delego, right out of the box.

While much of the B2B world still runs by invoice payment, B2B manufacturers and distributors are increasingly offering payment by credit card, ACH transfer, PayPal, and other alternative payments. Providing more payment options simplifies the purchasing process for your customers. It also makes it easier to buy from the shop floor or in the field–and it’s easier than ever with Delego.

Our real-time integration with Delego provides:

  • 24×7 payment processing within the ecommerce store.
  • Saved credit cards for easy reordering.
  • Customers can finalize payment in real time, from a mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Credit Card Integration

Put your customers first with a Corevist+Delego credit card integration

Your customers want to do business with you on their time. Help them finalize every order by accepting credit cards. That way, they get the products they need, and their world keeps on moving.

Don’t waste resources calling customers and reconciling statements

When you automate the payments process by integrating Corevist and Delego, you eliminate manual data entry and statement reconciliation between systems. That makes life easier for your A/R department, as well as Customer Service and Sales.

Offer the payment forms that your customers need

Every business is different. Whether you need to accept credit card payment, eCheck, ACH, alternative payments, digital wallets, or all of the above, Corevist and Delego are ready to meet your needs.

  • Credit/debit cards
  • eCheck
  • ACH transfer
  • Visa Checkout
  • Mastercard Masterpass
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Alipay
  • And more

Rest well at night with Delego + Corevist processing secure payments

Delego offers a PCI-compliant, single-tenant cloud platform integrated to a comprehensive, global network of over 55 payment processing partners. That means 100% secure payment processing for your customers, anywhere in the world.

Find out why our clients trust us with over $1 billion in transactions annually.

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Delego Integration Highlights

Unleash the Power of Credit Cards

Your B2B buyers are bringing their Amazon expectations to work. Your ecommerce solution should meet all their needs–including the demand for fast, secure payment by credit card. When you integrate Delego to your Corevist Commerce store, you get everything you need to streamline your payments process.

  • Secure, real-time credit card processing. Delego integrates with all major credit card companies and banks.
  • Accurate, real-time posting to SAP. Because Corevist Commerce talks to your SAP system in real time, your customers’ transactions are posted instantly. 

Accelerate OTC with cloud-based payments

Want to accelerate your OTC (order-to-cash) process? That’s what you get when you offer cloud-based payments through Delego, integrated to Corevist Commerce in real time. 

Your customers want to work faster. They want ease of use on mobile devices so they can complete purchases in the field. Offer real-time buying with Corevist Commerce + Delego. 


Offer real-time, secure credit card processing for Customers & Sales

Delego’s SAP-integrated payments solution is a powerful tool for processing credit card transactions, as well as other types of payments, and posting them to SAP. When you integrate it with Corevist Commerce, you get fast, secure payment processing that’s a native part of your Corevist web store.

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