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George Anderson


Corevist BY Launches

At Corevist, we’re always striving to become more scalable, more efficient, and more aligned with our Core Values. That’s why we recently opened Corevist BY, our fully-owned subsidiary in Belarus. We’re proud to announce that our coworkers in Belarus, formerly working for an outsourcing firm, are now part of the Corevist family.

Welcome on board, everyone! 😊 We’re thrilled to partner with you in new ways as the next stage of our journey begins. 

Here’s what went into the creation of Corevist BY (and what you can expect from this streamlining of our operations). Let’s dive in!

How our Belarussian connection got started

It’s over 4 years since Corevist first partnered with our Belarussian colleagues in an outsourcing relationship. As our CEO Sam Bayer stated at the time:

“We’re about to partner with a company in Belarus to extend our engineering team. Our business is strong, it’s growing and we need more technical resources to help us meet the demands of our clients. The folks in Belarus are smart, motivated, experienced and affordable. So we’re going to invest our time, money and energy to develop these resources. They are critical to our growth plans. Since we’re experts at working virtually, this shouldn’t be much of a challenge for us.”

In the last four years, our Belarussian colleagues have proven tireless in their dedication to our clients and our Core Values. Our relationships with our Belarussian friends have grown, both professionally and personally. It’s truly been an amazing journey (and a highly productive global partnership). 

Now it’s time to take this partnership to the next level. 

Why move from outsourcing to in-house?

As we’ve sought greater strides in efficiency, we felt it was time to align our Belarussian team fully with Corevist’s objectives by launching Corevist BY. Our Belarussian colleagues already worked exclusively for Corevist clients, so it made sense to solidify that relationship and the value it provides everyone involved. 

Here are the benefits which the launch of Corevist BY will bring to all parties:

Benefits to Corevist clients:

  • Our Belarussian technical teams can more easily align with our improved production support process, meaning faster turnaround times for everything they do.
  • With strong incentive to stay working for Corevist BY (see below), our Belarussian team will offer our clients increasingly deeper experience and skill. 

Benefits to our Belarussian colleagues:

  • As part of the Corevist family, our Belarussian colleagues will enjoy benefits that are appropriate to their locale. We’ve already upgraded everyone to state of the art laptops, instituted Health Insurance for everyone, and secured discounts to a local health club. We provide dedicated vision for the evolution of Corevist Commerce, and our Belarussian colleagues have the opportunity to grow their careers by working exclusively on our state-of-the-art SAP-integrated ecommerce solution (which processes $1.5B+ for clients every year). 

Benefits to Corevist:

  • With our Belarussian team no longer “serving two masters,” we can develop the skills and abilities of all Corevist team members in ways that align with the interests of our clients.
  • Launching Corevist BY allows us to cut our operating expenses while improving the quality of our product at the same time.

Corevist BY ribbon cutting: Our recent trip to Belarus

While Corevist has been a virtual company from the start, we also recognize that Zoom video calls and Slack chats aren’t enough. Once a year, we meet for a company-wide conference and retreat; and in the last few years, our leadership team has taken several trips to Belarus to maintain relationships with our colleagues there.

Following that model, Corevist leadership from around the globe recently traveled to Belarus to celebrate the opening of Corevist BY (and to align on joint operations).

It was an awesome trip—here’s proof!

Corevist Belarus Team and US Leadership

Our Belarussian team and US leadership.

Corevist Founder and CEO, Sam Bayer, cuts the ribbon for the offices of Corevist BY.
Corevist Belarus Team - Royal Family Photo Op

Behold, the Corevist Royal Family!
Corevist Belarus - Team Building Exercise

Blindfolded and tied up, the team is led into an escape room. Now that’s team building!

The Results: What we achieved (and where we’re headed)

While Corevist BY has just opened as of this writing (July 2019), we’ve got a lot planned for the continuous improvement of our Belarus operations. At a high level, here are the business results which the launch of Corevist BY will produce:

  • More scalable and efficient allocation of our professional resources.
  • Greater and more effective involvement from our Belarussian colleagues in client workshops and focus groups.
  • Empowering our Belarussian team to manage their own capacities, set their own priorities, and be fully responsible to deliver on their commitments.
  • Closer alignment to our vision of “One Piece Flow” for production support.
  • Eliminating waste (handoffs, task switching costs, etc.)
  • Streamlining the process of updating our core product across all client environments. 

The Takeaway: Welcome on board, Belarus!

Here’s what Yury Matusevich, Client Development Team Lead, had to say about the launch of Corevist BY:

“Opening the new Corevist facility in Belarus helps me and my team stay focused only on Corevist projects… Starting Corevist BY from nothing helped me become more than a team member. Now the Corevist BY team is like a big, friendly family.” 

We couldn’t be happier with this new chapter in the Corevist story. Our Belarussian colleagues bring passion, intelligence, and drive to the table. Our new working relationship should empower everyone to do their best in serving our clients. 

To our Belarussian friends–thanks for everything you do. And welcome to the Corevist family. 😊

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