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George Anderson


Production Support By The Numbers

Last year, we announced the launch of a new Production Support Process for Corevist Commerce. With the evolving needs of ecommerce users (and the evolving needs of our clients), we felt a new process for production support of Corevist Commerce was crucial.

When we first made this announcement, the process was so new, we didn’t have much data to demonstrate its effectiveness. Now, with 6 months of data under our belts, we’d like to show you what a huge impact this change has made. We’re proud of this new, more efficient “factory”—because being Proactive is one of our core values.

Here’s how we got to this point (and what the impact has been).

The iterative process: Why we embarked on this journey

As an Agile company, Corevist lives by one rule: nothing is ever finished. We can always improve through a process of incremental change. This is reflected in our Core Values:

  1. Be Passionate about our clients.
  2. Be Professional in everything we do.
  3. Be Proactive.
  4. Pursue Perfection Pragmatically.
  5. Protect our Scalable Lifestyle Business.

You might even say that each Core Value expresses a facet of the Agile mindset. Iteration requires Passion and Professionalism. We do it because we’re Proactive. The iterative process itself is the pragmatic pursuit of Perfection. And because it helps us dominate the SAP ecommerce market, the Agile/iterative approach Protects our scalable lifestyle.

With these Core Values forming and re-forming our mindset, we made the decision to retool our Production Support Process to keep it aligned with the needs of our clients and their customers. It was an easy decision to make, but it took hard work to flesh out a plan and then make it a reality.

Here’s what we came up with.

Our new process in a nutshell

Our new, streamlined Production Support Process hinges on 3 critical revisions:

  1. We implemented one-piece flow. Now a developer starts work on a ticket, stays on it, and doesn’t stop until the ticket goes to production.
  2. We implemented a pull process for support tickets. Now we have one support queue and all tickets go into it. When a developer finishes a ticket, he comes in, takes the top ticket in the queue, and works on it from start to finish without changing tasks.
  3. We automated our QA testing process. Now every new ticket now runs through a suite of regression testing to make sure it works.

The results: 62% reduction in Incident Time-to-Resolution (and more)

6 months into this new way of running our software “factory,” the results are astounding:

  • 29% reduction in ticket resolution cycle time
  • 40% decrease in defects/production incidents
  • 500% increase in production deployment cycle times
  • 62% reduction in incident time to resolution

We couldn’t be happier with this new Production Support Process. Our developers are now laser-focused on getting to a resolution for any incident. Our new pull system empowers them to pull a ticket, then work on it undistracted until the issue is fixed. As a result, our team is delivering faster than ever for our clients—which means our clients’ customers can keep placing millions of dollars’ worth of orders through Corevist Commerce.

In the months ahead, we’ll continue to monitor metrics and make adjustments to the process as necessary. It’s all part of the Agile mindset—the way we bring our Core Values to each problem we solve.  

Moving forward: FREE case study

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