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How TierPoint + Corevist weathered Hurricane Florence

This past Fall, we posted on the incredible disaster preparedness of our datacenter partner, TierPoint. In a nutshell, TierPoint kept our mission-critical SAP ecommerce application online, integrated to client SAP systems around the world—even as Hurricane Florence hit TierPoint’s Raleigh datacenter.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll hear from TierPoint. They conducted interviews with our CEO, Sam Bayer, and our VP of Operations, Justin Diana. Here’s what Sam and Justin had to say about TierPoint’s professionalism and preparedness. (Edited transcript follows the video.)

Sam Bayer, PhD, Corevist Co-founder & CEO:

Corevist, for the most part, is a virtual business. The day we started, there were 3 founders, 2 in Raleigh, one in Zurich. That meant we were already collaborating virtually. As a startup, you don’t have the funds for buildings and logos on buildings—and frankly, we didn’t want that. We wanted a scalable lifestyle company.

In 2019, the vast majority of of interaction between manufacturers and their distributors is still through phone, fax, and email. Yet when people go home at night, they’re buying on Amazon. So manufacturers want an Amazon-style experience for their distributors and dealers. That’s what we provide them.

Justin Diana, VP of Operations:

We needed a datacenter provider—a partner, really—to enable us to do this. Our partnership with TierPoint was critical to our ability to get off the ground and into the market.

One of Corevist’s competitive advantages is the fact that all critical data—all data about orders, transactions, and so on—is stored in the client’s SAP system, not in Corevist.

When we need to regenerate or spin up new environments, or implement disaster global recover capabilities with TierPoint, all that data is still readily available. We don’t have to figure out how to recreate or replicate that data. We’re still working with a single source of truth, which is the client’s SAP landscape.


Hurricanes in the Raleigh area cause us and our clients a lot of stress. Our clients see the Weather Channel the same way we see it, and they’re asking us, is the Corevist service going to be available?

As Hurricane Florence was approaching, we were able to ring up TierPoint and ask them the question. What are you going to do to help us out here? They came back with a litany of strong responses to that question. They kept us informed throughout. It was about the confidence with which people were managing the situation.


When it became apparent that the storm was going to affect Raleigh, TierPoint immediately sent out notifications on what measures they were taking. We made sure our backups and procedures were working. We then communicated with all of our clients that we were aware and tracking the storm, as was the datacenter.

As a result of the communications we had from TierPoint, we were able to proactively alert our clients to the potential impact of the storm: what the datacenter did to prepare for it, and what we did to prepare for it.

Then, we were able to treat it as a non-event.

We received several notifications from clients thanking us for the proactiveness and diligence on our part. When all was said and done, Hurricane Florence still resulted in zero interruption to our clients. We were able to go back to them and point out that, once again, TierPoint exceeded our expectations. We had no downtime; and even though the storm itself had a massive impact on North Carolina, it had zero impact on the availability of our Corevist Commerce portals.

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