Sam Bayer


Magento B2B support from Corevist

If you work at a Magento design firm, you’ve already made a big decision to support Magento. According to Forrester’s B2B eCommerce Suite analysis for Q1 2017, that’s a great decision. But you should also know that your great decision just became even greater. We were recently named a Magento Technology Partner, which means we’re prepared to help you integrate Magento to SAP. For Magento firms, working with Corevist as a partner opens up worlds of possibility in a gigantic market: the SAP universe.

But what benefits do we bring to Magento systems integrators? What skills do we offer that you need to complete SAP B2B eCommerce projects? Glad you asked.

1. We know SAP.

Together, the Corevist team has over 100,000 hours of SAP eCommerce experience working with enterprise-class companies. Those are real work hours spent inside the software—developing solutions, troubleshooting, and meeting tight deadlines. Magento needs us to reach SAP companies as they move deeper into the global B2B eCommerce market. Where Forrester rated Magento roughly “very good” on their current B2B eCommerce offering, our solution brings Magento that extra mile and turns it into an “excellent” offering for SAP manufacturers looking to do eCommerce.

2. We put SAP first as the system of record.

A lot of companies approach us with confused notions of how this works. Everyone comes to the first meeting thinking, “we’re going to integrate SAP with Magento.” In other words, they want to use Magento as the system of record and get SAP to play nicely with it. They want to duplicate everything that’s in SAP and build it in Magento. They love Magento, they can control it, their developers know how to program Magento. Sounds perfect!

Within 2 minutes, we disappoint them. We say, “We can’t solve that problem. It’s a herculean task to rebuild SAP business rules in Magento. It’s not worth the trouble. But if we redefine the problem that you want to solve and put SAP first as the system of record, we can use the best of Magento and the best of SAP. That way, we minimize the burden of implementation and maintenance while retaining the end-user’s ecommerce experience.”

How do we do that? By integrating Magento to SAP, not the other way around. It seems like a small semantic distinction, but it’s absolutely huge.

Until we help Magento firms to shift their perspective, they’re looking at a big, frightening project. This shift changes the dynamics and economics of the project. But it allows Magento firms to stick to their core competency. It’s a great relationship for Magento firms who don’t want to touch SAP.

3. We mesh well with Magento’s strategy.

Forrester gave Magento high ratings for strategy. Part of that excellent strategy is Magento’s willingness to engage a rich partner network to build out solutions for specific markets. Corevist is the premier company connecting Magento to SAP, and our partnership with Magento reflects Magento’s brilliant strategy. Magento is committed to this market, and so are we.  

4. We understand the concerns of SAP manufacturers.

SAP eCommerce is our bread and butter. Not only do we know the software inside and out, we know the people who use it. We understand their questions, concerns, and needs. We build eCommerce solutions for real people, using real data. As Magento invests more time and money into meeting the needs of these real people, and as Magento firms begin to see more B2B leads, we’re ideally positioned to come alongside and connect the Magento community to the SAP eCommerce market.

5. We are market disruptors.

“Legacy commerce technology is becoming outdated and less effective,” the Forrester report states. We couldn’t agree more. Many existing solutions are too big, too expensive, too slow to implement, and too costly to maintain. So where does Magento fit into this market?

Magento is a market disruptor. They’re making a bold move into the B2B world. It’s tough to transition a B2C product offering to B2B, and other eCommerce vendors are doing it without the vision and foresight that Magento displays. As Magento disrupts B2B eCommerce, we’re ideally positioned to join in the fun. We’ve been disrupting SAP B2B eCommerce for 9 years. Our solution beats the competition on all fronts—time to market, total cost of ownership, and efficiency of functionality.  

6. We are Agile.

Enterprise eCommerce development isn’t like B2C. It’s more complex, and many moving parts have to come together in harmony. For Magento firms that are accustomed to a fairly linear development process in the B2C world, the B2B process can be overwhelming. Corevist follows the Agile development methodology—because it’s the best solution for enterprise software. We support Magento by bringing the necessary Agile expertise to Magento B2B eCommerce projects.

7. We have existing relationships with Magento firms.

We’ve forged relationships with key players in the Magento ecosystem. We partner with design/dev studios like, EYStudios, Shero Designs, Session Digital, and others. We keep open lines of communication with our partners, and we work with them to understand the needs of SAP B2B eCommerce companies that want to build an SAP-integrated Magento store.

8. Our physical infrastructure and our core product are incredibly robust.

The Corevist app processes over $1 billion in SAP eCommerce transactions annually. Not only that, but we process over 50 million unique SAP transactions per year. That’s roughly 1 million transactions per week. We accomplish this by hosting our app in our own datacenter, and by working with the best developers in the world to build it with lean code and mitigate threats immediately when they arise.

The Takeaway

Magento’s company vision is truly inspiring. As we work more closely with Magento to do what we’ve always done (integrate Magento to SAP), we have no doubt that our relationship will create efficient, powerful, affordable eCommerce solutions for SAP manufacturers. We look forward to connecting with Magento firms who are ready to tackle SAP B2B eCommerce with us as a trusted partner and advisor.