George Anderson


Magento B2B eCommerce Technology Partner

It’s been years in the making. We’ve worked incredibly hard since our founding as B2B2dot0 in 2008 to get where we are now—able to offer a lean, powerful, cloud-based integration between SAP and Magento. We’re delighted to announce, officially, that Corevist is now a Magento Technology Partner.

Magento is the ideal eCommerce platform for SAP manufacturers. It allows us to build lean, powerful B2B eCommerce solutions, integrated to SAP in real time–all at a fraction of the cost, complexity and time-to-market of alternatives like hybris. As Magento moves deeper into the B2B eCommerce market, our two companies are ideally positioned to partner together, offering the best value in eCommerce for SAP clients.

Our Magento journey

We built our first Magento B2B eCommerce website in 2011. Since that time, we’ve gathered 6 years’ worth of deep knowledge, from dozens of implementations, on connecting Magento to SAP. We’ve uncovered pitfalls and learned tricks of the trade. We’ve deepened our role as trusted advisers to SAP manufacturers around the world, and we’ve doubled down on our commitment to Magento. Today, we’re still creating the leanest, most powerful Magento eCommerce solutions in the enterprise SAP world.

Our Magento-SAP architecture: What’s the secret sauce?

We can’t tell you that exactly, but we can explain how it works schematically. We prioritize our Magento integrations around SAP. We create a two-way, real-time data pipeline between SAP and Magento. Our mantra is to duplicate as few business rules, and as little data, as possible between the two platforms. Corevist’s applications become the transactional “window over SAP” while our proprietary Sapgento extension frees Magento up to focus on providing users with the world class shopping experience that they’ve come to expect.

Corevist’s Magento-SAP integrations start with SAP data, which is shared in real time.

What does this mean for our clients? It means no “spaghettiware”–a term which one of our clients used for a bungled Magento-SAP integration solution. Because we know SAP, and because we know Magento, we bring all the moving parts together for a secure, seamless and easily maintained solution.

The SAP B2B eCommerce market: Ripe for disruption by Magento

When we founded Corevist as B2B2dot0, we thought the SAP B2B eCommerce market was ripe for disruption. We had no idea how right we were—and now, after 9 years of disrupting that market, we’re finding that our solution is more welcome than ever.

As Magento moves with us deeper into the world of SAP manufacturers, we know the free market will ultimately weigh in on what solution is most workable for SAP B2B eCommerce. From the start, we have put our clients ahead of everything else. That means providing them a “faster, better, more cost-effective solution than a certain alternative, the name of which we all know. To put it delicately, the elephant in the room may end up being too heavy, too unwieldy, and not valuable enough to win in the free market with any Manufacturer who isn’t prepared to dance with the elephants.

In other words, Corevist + Magento is a powerful force of disruption in the SAP B2B eCommerce market.

A seamless division of labor

Corevist brings the separate worlds of SAP and Magento together. But our solution is crafted so that everyone on the project team can focus on their strengths. People with Magento design and implementation skills don’t have to understand the internal workings of SAP. Likewise, our client’s SAP staff don’t have to deal with Magento. The only time these teams need to see each other is at the launch party with drinks in hand.

Moving forward with Magento

We want to extend a big thank you to Magento for working with us to create a greater mutual understanding of the SAP eCommerce market. Magento has recognized our expertise by naming us a Technology Partner. As our two companies continue to work together, we will innovate the most efficient, powerful, and lightweight solutions to bring Magento eCommerce to SAP manufacturers. We will continue to roll out new features and improvements to our core product, as we have for the past 9 years. We will work with Magento design and development firms to meet the needs of mutual clients at a fraction of the cost and time-to-market which our competition offers. Our future with Magento is incredibly bright.