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George Anderson


Airtight Security in SAP eCommerce

At Corevist, we pay careful attention to a client’s pain points as we design and implement an SAP eCommerce solution. While every client is different, there’s one big, scary question that almost everyone asks.

“Is your solution secure?”

If you haven’t already guessed it, this is a very scary question for a prospect to ask a SaaS salesperson. But we’re used to it. We get inundated with questions like:

“How many ISP pipes are in your data center?”

“What type and version of firewall do you have?”

“What are you using for intrusion detection?”

“What is your disaster recovery plan? Oh, and I need the supporting documentation.”

“What is your corporate security policy?”

“How often do you scan for system vulnerabilities?”

“What encryption are you using, how are calls to my system authenticated? Oauth, or something else?”

“Are you PCI Compliant?”

And my new favorite, “Are you ISO 27001 certified?”

Corevist: Cool and Secure

So, what does all of this have to do with being cool and secure?

First, the obvious: We are cool people here at Corevist. We are a ‘Scalable Lifestyle’ company. Every member of the Corevist team has a true passion for what we do and our clients. Also, we simplify SAP. If you’re in the SAP ecosystem, you know exactly how cool a statement that is! So yes, we’re cool.

I’ll prove this further in a moment. But first, let’s look at my favorite security question: “Are you ISO 27001 certified?”

My sales folk brethren split into two camps on this one. Either they shake and tremble because their solution is not, nor will it ever be ISO 27001 certified; OR they’re in the minority and can quickly say, “Yes, we are.”

At Corevist, we’re well on our way towards ISO 27001 Certification. What a blessing to be able to say this! In the month of February alone, I have been involved in 5 security conversations that were time-budgeted from 30-60 minutes a pop. These conversations would be far more painful if we weren’t on the road to our certification.

When a prospect asks this question, either I or Vice President of Operations Justin Diana can easily tell them we are on our way. As a matter of fact, we even have a Chief Security Officer, Steve Oates, who can speak to our clients in great detail. He also writes great blog posts on our ISO 27001 journey. If you get a chance to speak with him, you’ll enjoy his stellar presentations.

To summarize this, I’ll briefly mention one of our past conversations with a prospect. Picture the scenario: Justin and I are on the conference bridge, and the client is running a few minutes late. So we have the following conversation:

Me: Justin, are you ready for this?

Justin: Sure. So what do you think they are going to ask?

Me: Are we secure?

Justin: Yes, I am going to say we are a cool and secure company.


Client enters conference bridge

Me: Good morning John Doe, how are you?

John Doe: Good! sorry for being late.

Me: No problem. Hey, I just wanted to let you know upfront we are a cool and secure company.

Everyone chuckles

Skip ahead a few minutes, the question pops up. “Are you ISO 27001 certified?” We give our answer. John Doe says, “Well, that was easy. Good enough for me!”

Team high five and we are off to the races!

The Takeaway: SAP eCommerce is complicated enough…

…so let us worry about security. We take care of it. We can provide thorough documentation of our security measures if you require it—or we can tell you, “We’re cool and secure,” and leave it at that. Either way, the same incredible technology is working behind the scenes to keep your data safe. We stand behind that.

If you’re looking to implement an SAP eCommerce solution, and you want to talk about security, get in touch with us today. We’ve helped numerous companies like yours develop fortress-level security for their complex B2B operations.