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Sam Bayer


What Corevist Does

I’ve spent the last 9 years trying to come up with a concise description of what we do at Corevist.  You’d think that it shouldn’t be that hard.  With that said, anyone that has wrestled with the “how do you describe what you do at a party” challenge knows exactly how hard it can be!

So last week I attended a local holiday party sponsored by a long time colleague of mine, Michael Hueberger, who is the CEO of Freudenberg IT (FIT) America.  While there, I bumped into the CIO of a mutual client of ours, who in turn introduced me to the person that he was there with.   That’s what people do at parties.  And that’s when I heard my client utter the words that I’ve been struggling to come up with for the past 9 years.

He began to introduce me to his friend by saying, “This is Sam Bayer who is the CEO and Founder of Corevist. Corevist…”. My client stopped in mid sentence, looked over at me quizzikly, and then asked me, “so how would you describe what Corevist does Sam?”.  I guess I was taking too long to answer him when he answered his own question by proudly proclaiming that:

“Corevist simplifies SAP”.


At the CEO/CIO level, that describes us to a “T”.

On any given day we have hundreds of thousands of people coming to Corevist websites to conduct their business with their favorite Manufacturer by interacting with their SAP system in real time.  Anyone who has ever used SAP knows that SAP is so complicated that no Manufacturer would ever think about giving SAP access to their own sales force, never mind their customers!  Yet, thanks to Corevist, working with SAP has now been made so simple that even smartphone carrying millenniums can do it. :-)

Corevist simplifies SAP.

It’s also very true on the implementation level.

The single reason that all of our competitor’s implementation projects are so painful and expensive is that they insist on recreating all of the data and rules that are in SAP on their eCommerce platforms.  Corevist was founded with the underlying philosophy that we would never do that.  We treat SAP like one giant commerce black box and our job is to make it simpler to work with, and do it as quickly as possible.  That means that all of those hard working SAP functional and technical resources can stay focused on squeezing the maximum amount of value out of their SAP systems and not have to be distracted by an army of SAP illiterate (and annoying and time sucking) website developers.

Corevist simplifies SAP.

It kind of hurts that we can boil down the hundreds of man years of effort that we’ve expended to date to three words “Corevist Simplifies SAP”.  I really would prefer a longer version that says something like:

  • We integrate SAP and Magento to deliver a cloud based B2B eCommerce solution, or
  • We replace phone, fax and email interactions with an SAP Magento integrated B2B eCommerce website, or
  • any other version of 9 years worth of wordsmithing that we’ve gone through

But when I heard my client introduce me as the guy who “simplifies SAP”, I got over the pain pretty quickly, because that is in fact what we do here at Corevist.

Corevist simplifies SAP.

Out of the mouths of clients.