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George Anderson


Above: The Corevist team & spouses in Savannah, GA.

Corevist 2019 Annual Retreat

Corevist has been a virtual company from Day 1, with Slack and Zoom video calls facilitating most of our communication. But as any virtual worker will tell you, digital communication can only take you so far. It’s still essential to spend time together in person, both socially and professionally. 

That’s why we get together once a year for our company offsite meeting. 

After all, the best teams are made up of people who like each other. So in addition to brainstorming and collaborating on new initiatives, our annual company retreats also give us time to hang out and connect in a fun environment. 

This year, we went to Savannah, Georgia. Here’s what we worked on–and some of the fun we had.  

We brainstormed better processes for customer care

Early in the week, Kimberly Saxton, Project Manager, led us in a brainstorming session on the journey which our clients take from Sales, to the Project phase, to Support (after their SAP-integrated ecommerce channel has gone live). 

Through a dramatic skit (which involved a bouncing ball!), Kimberly asked us, “What does the worst case transition look like at each phase? What does the ideal transition look like?”

After the skit (which made quite an impression), Kimberly broke us into small groups and asked us to answer three pointed questions as it relates to the experience of our clients: 

  • What do we do well?
  • Where are there friction points (internal/external)?
  • What are some key improvement opportunities?

With giant Post-It notes and markers, we got to work. 


We committed to keeping Sales and PMs more involved as our relationship with a client continues to grow. We also committed to developing a better process for sharing client stories across the company, so account managers can advise clients on the ways which other companies have solved similar issues through Corevist. 

Ray Mannion, Product Manager, talked us through the Product Roadmap

At Corevist, we’re always evolving our core product, Corevist Commerce, with new features and iterative improvements. Ray Mannion, Product Manager, took us through a collaborative discussion of the product roadmap.

Ray will present future improvements to Corevist Commerce our upcoming Product Roadmap Review, a free webinar that’s open to clients and prospects. Stay tuned for details. 

Fun and games in Savannah

We left plenty of time in the agenda for fun. Savannah is a beautiful city, and part of the purpose of the retreat was to allow the Corevist family to reconnect and recharge. 

As we like to say, work hard, then play hard. We certainly did. :)

Ray Mannion, Product Manager, reflects on the Product Roadmap from Tybee Island Beach

Sam Bayer, CEO, and Tomas Maza, Project Manager, work out the clues to a location-specific scavenger hunt which took us all across Savannah.

The Corevist team enjoys a little R&R at one of the AirBnBs we rented.


We always close our retreats with a final dinner. Toasting has always been a Corevist tradition, but our Belarussian colleagues have taken it to the next level. They’ve taught us that it’s truly an art form. 

With the launch of Corevist BY earlier in the year, the US-based team has had to “up” its toasting game. :) 

CEO Sam Bayer shared a meaningful toast with us on the last night. He reflected on the fact that there is only so much each of us can control. That we have to trust our teammates to do their jobs–and we have to be trustworthy in doing our own. 

These two qualities map to Passion for the client and Proactiveness, which are part of our Core Values. Sam’s toast was a great reminder of why we’re here: to serve real people in B2B with passion and integrity by offering the best SAP-integrated ecommerce solution on the planet. 

Moving forward: FREE case study

Want to see what the Corevist team builds in real life? Download this FREE case study on Blount International. You’ll learn how this industrial manufacturer launched ecommerce through Corevist–without increasing the workload on their internal IT department. 

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