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August 2021

5 Brilliant B2B eCommerce Strategies That Are Working For Real Companies

B2B eCommerce strategies are as unique as the companies pursuing them. But what strategies and tactics are working in today’s fast-changing digital environment? There are definitely winners and losers in B2B eCommerce. In this article, we’ll give you five brilliant … Continued
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5 Common B2B eCommerce Challenges (PLUS Solutions)

Originally published Aug 6, 2019. Expanded Aug 26, 2021. B2B eCommerce is a challenging proposition for manufacturers. You’ve got a defined customer base that’s already doing business with you (maybe placing orders through phone, fax or email). Their transactions are … Continued
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8 Steps to Drive SAP B2B eCommerce Adoption Among Your Customers

First published Aug 8, 2017. Refreshed Aug 25, 2021. If you build B2B eCommerce, will they come? Not necessarily. In today’s digital-first world, just launching B2B eCommerce isn’t enough. You won’t start seeing ROI until you shift some portion of … Continued
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3 Critical Components of the Perfect B2B eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Editor’s note: Today’s post appears courtesy of Aaron Chio, Associate Partner with Clarkston Consulting. To stay ahead of your customers’ B2B eCommerce expectations, you need a deep understanding of their needs. Too often in B2B eCommerce, internal user requirements are … Continued
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