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June 2021

Ecommerce Proof of Concept: What You Need to Know

First published November 5, 2018. Updated Jul 5, 2022. It’s no secret that B2B ecommerce can be difficult to sell across a large organization. One path forward is a simple B2B proof-of-concept (POC) without SAP integration. The idea is easy … Continued
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The Challenge Of Replacing SAP Internet Sales

SAP Internet Sales gave manufacturers a powerful entry point to the world of SAP eCommerce. The solution offered many crucial features for B2B — things like real-time pricing and inventory, real-time order posting to the ERP, and self-service order tracking … Continued
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The Power Of Customer Collaboration In B2B eCommerce

When manufacturers embark on a B2B eCommerce project, they’re entering a complex, multi-party negotiation. Different stakeholders from sales, customer service, marketing and IT will have different interests — that is, different drivers behind the positions they take on B2B eCommerce.   … Continued
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Lack Of Integration Is Killing eCommerce For Manufacturers

It’s no secret that the post-COVID world is driving transformation for manufacturers. With ongoing disruption to selling models, digital customer portals and B2B eCommerce have become top priorities for manufacturers.   In a recent report on the state of manufacturing eCommerce, … Continued
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