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George Anderson


Real-time ecommerce data for replacement parts

In sales training classes, you’re always taught identify your clients’ pain points.  Identify the pain and offer a solution. Seems simple enough, right?  Well it is, unless you’re trying to figure out how to get information that is stashed away in SAP to magically appear on your B2B eCommerce website.

Over the past few months, I have spoken to manufacturers that make wildly different things – from medical devices and electronics to aftermarket truck and car parts. Each company is different and has its own unique problems and pain points. But, there’s one pain they all share.

My conversations with these companies typically goes something like this:

Manufacturer: What if one of our distributors enters a model or SKU number on our website that’s no longer available? Will they be able to easily find a suitable material substitution without calling my CSRs?

Me: Where is that information stored in your SAP system?

Manufacturer: It’s in the material master.

Me: Then, that’s where we get the information to show your clients, in real-time, on your website. Do you want to see it in action?

Manufacturer: Yes, please.

At this point, I quickly login into my demo site and show them this from our eCart module:

Manufacturer: That’s cool. But, how often is the data updated?

Me: It’s all in real-time. When your clients check for something on your website, we show them what’s in SAP, at that moment.  No batch updates, no waiting for your already scarce resources to update and sync separate websites. If you make a change in SAP, we make that information available on your website, instantly.

Simple enough, right?

What’s scary is almost every B2B manufacturer I’ve spoken to has the same problem. Replacement Parts!

So, here it is in black and white (well, actually here it is on a computer screen, but you get the point).

We make working with SAP easy. As a matter of fact that’s what one of our clients said.

So if you are new SAP B2B eCommerce, replacing a legacy webshop, or just looking for the best SaaS solution for SAP eCommerce give us a call.