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George Anderson


Congratulations, Magento!

Great news from our partner Magento: Once again, they’ve been named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Digital Commerce.

We couldn’t be happier for the team at Magento—and we couldn’t agree more with their inclusion in the Magic Quadrant. Actually, it’s no surprise to us at Corevist. We’ve been working with Magento for years. In client implementations, we’ve seen firsthand how Magento’s offering aligns to the needs of B2B. As an official Magento Technology Partner, we’re thrilled to integrate Magento to SAP for B2B manufacturers and distributors.

But what does all this mean for B2B manufacturers running SAP? Is Magento a viable alternative to SAP hybris?

Glad you asked. Here’s what Magento’s Magic Quadrant win means for B2B manufacturers running SAP.

Magento creates choice for B2B manufacturers running SAP

We’re ecstatic that Magento is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader.

Why? Because industrial manufacturers running SAP have suffered long enough without choice. Markets don’t do well under monopolies. They don’t innovate. Prices go up, while customer service goes down. We applaud Gartner for recognizing Magento’s leadership in ecommerce. In our market (SAP manufacturers and distributors), we love partnering with Magento because it means choice for companies that can’t justify the cost and complexity of hybris.

Magento’s best-of-breed UX eliminates friction in the SAP order placement process

How are you taking orders today? If you’re like most manufacturers, you rely on phone calls, faxes, and emails to your customer service department to take orders. When a CSR (customer service rep) gets an order, they have to rekey it into SAP. Phone, fax, email, and rekeying have likely served you well for years. But let’s be honest, they’re not ideal. In fact, they can introduce all sorts of friction into the buying process—problems like these:

  • Long hold times during busy periods
  • Emails going to spam
  • Wrong SKU or quantity in fax orders requiring callbacks to customers
  • Lack of self-service for customers

Self-service is the key here. An ecommerce solution allows your customers to log in and buy on their own time.

This is where Corevist’s real-time Magento-SAP integration excels.

Magento is designed for total ease of use. Anyone who’s shopped on Amazon will understand the intuitive functionality of Magento. As B2B buyers increasingly bring their B2C-inspired expectations to work, Magento offers manufacturers a world-class solution to the user experience problem. The result is frictionless B2B buying that increases customer satisfaction (and your bottom line).

Now couple that with our real-time integration, and you have seamless ecommerce that works for all customer segments and all internal stakeholders.

Corevist’s Magento-SAP integration is up and running in 90 days

You shouldn’t have to wait 9-18 months to start taking orders online and posting them to SAP. Companies like yours are already moving through their digital transformation. They’re taking orders online and retiring phone/fax/email.

Customers love it. Internal stakeholders love it. And it’s entirely due to Magento’s best-of-breed user experience coupled with Corevist’s real-time integration to SAP. That integration is live on Day 1 and tailored to your needs in 90 days—which means Magento + Corevist Commerce gets you posting orders to SAP, fast.

Magento’s acquisition by Adobe indicates strong future innovation

We love working with Magento and being a certified Technology Partner. Now that Adobe has acquired Magento, we look forward to Magento’s ever-increasing value in the SAP B2B space.

Doubtless, Adobe acquired Magento to carve out space in the enterprise ecommerce market. Magento’s offering in this market is incredibly strong, as the Gartner Magic Quadrant indicates. We expect that Adobe will continue to innovate, building out even richer commerce functionality within Magento. For B2B manufacturers, that’s great news.

Moving forward: FREE case study

Curious what Magento + Corevist Commerce is doing for real people? Download this FREE case study on Mannington Mills, a leading flooring manufacturer. You’ll learn how Mannington launched a best-of-breed Magento catalog, integrated to SAP through Corevist, and saw a 150% increase in sales after launch.

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