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September 2022

Taking The Friction Out Of EDI Inventory Checks

Long before B2B eCommerce, there was EDI (electronic data interchange). This technology has served large organizations for decades, facilitating inventory inquiries, order placement, status checks, and more. For many organizations, EDI is still the right channel for order placement. The … Continued
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Manufacturing Customer Service: Balancing The Shift To Digital

There’s a big shift underway in manufacturing customer service. When it comes to routine inquiries about pricing, orders, and invoices, some customers are tired of phone, fax, and email interaction. They want self-service, which usually means a B2B portal. But … Continued
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3 Takeaways From The Reported Sunsetting Of Oracle Commerce Cloud

In a recent LinkedIn post, industry expert Andy Hoar discussed the reported sunsetting of Oracle Commerce Cloud. While Oracle hasn’t announced anything, it’s worth noting that Andy Hoar has confirmed this from internal sources, and the press has reported on … Continued
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B2B Ecommerce Best Practices For Manufacturers

First published Oct 22, 2019. Revised Sept 6, 2022.  Manufacturers struggle to define best practices in B2B eCommerce. There’s plenty of digital ink spilled on the topic, but most of it covers the needs of distributors, wholesalers and retailers who … Continued
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