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December 2021

7 Best Practices For B2B Customer Portals

B2B customer portals have become a necessity in the digital age. But what goes into a good customer portal? What do your dealers and distributors need most—and what pitfalls should you watch out for?  While every organization will answer these … Continued
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6 B2B Portal Examples That Offer Great Customer Experiences

Last updated Jul 5, 2022. B2B portals were important before the pandemic, but they’ve become essential now. In-person sales models have seen significant disruption. Likewise, staffing challenges and supply chain disruption have made it more difficult than ever to interact … Continued
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Don’t Sweat Your Master Data

Manufacturers need B2B customer portals, and those portals need SAP integration. It’s the only way to provide the best customer experience, and it leverages your existing investment in business data and logic without wasteful duplication and synchronization. Yet SAP integration … Continued
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SaaS Or On-Premises For Your B2B Customer Portal?

We’re all familiar with the SaaS vs. on-premises debate. The internet is bursting with articles that explain the benefits and drawbacks of each model. But what does all this mean for your B2B customer portal? More importantly, does a customer … Continued
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