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February 2021

Leveraging SSO With The Corevist Platform

Originally published Oct 8, 2019. Updated Feb 23, 2021. At Corevist, our clients often request SSO (single sign on) integration with the Corevist Platform, either as part of their initial launch or as a subsequent enhancement. Since “SSO” can cover … Continued
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Innovating Together: How We Created Dynamic SAP Web Reports With A Client

Here at Corevist, we’re always asking our clients what kind of functionality they want to see in future releases of our SAP-integrated eCommerce platform. We recently collaborated with a client to build a no-brainer feature–reports pulled dynamically from SAP in … Continued
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Need To Clean Up Your Project? Throw A Party!

The power of a party with a deadline My wife and I have a technique we use to ensure that we stay focused on completing our household cleaning list. We throw a party. COVID has forced us to modify this … Continued
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Conquering Confusion In Implementation Roles

eCommerce is a complex proposition when it’s integrated with SAP. Even though Corevist products include prebuilt, configurable SAP integration, these projects require cross-functional collaboration on both the client’s team and ours to ensure long-term success. If we don’t define these … Continued
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