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July 2017

Improved Alerts in Corevist’s Q2 2017 Release

Improved Alerts in the Corevist App “Our clients should never ask us for status on a task/deliverable that we own.” –From the Core of Corevist Being proactive is an expected behavior for members of the Corevist team. That’s the driver … Continued
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Continuous Improvement: The Corevist Quarterly Release Cycle

Corevist Quarterly Release Cycle At Corevist, we’re totally committed to offering the best SAP B2B eCommerce solution on the planet. We do it at a fraction of the cost of our competition, and we get it up and running in … Continued
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Putting ROR in your B2B eCommerce ROI: 8 Factors to Consider

B2B eCommerce ROI: A Total View Whenever I talk to someone about SAP B2B eCommerce, the question always comes up: is it worth it? Is it really more efficient than phone, fax, and email? Will it increase our market share? … Continued
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What Global Virtual Collaboration Teaches Us

Virtual work in the global office In 2008, I set out to build a scalable lifestyle company. I wanted to create a virtual workplace that could honor people’s needs to spend time with family and find a manageable work/life balance. … Continued
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