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The Future of CX for SAP Companies

Forrester recently named SAP Commerce Cloud a leader among B2B commerce suites for Q3 2018. In a sense, this is no surprise. And while SAP Commerce Cloud may be named a leader today, it’s worth dissecting that for manufacturers running SAP. Is Commerce Cloud the ideal solution for every SAP client? And if not, what choices do manufacturers have?

Adobe’s recent acquisitions of Magento and Marketo bring a whole new level of nuance to the question. In this article, we’ll analyze Commerce Cloud in terms of technical chops required, then compare it to the Adobe path—Corevist integrating Magento to SAP ERP.

Imagine Adobe + Corevist

Imagine the possibilities of Corevist’s Magento-SAP integration coupled to Adobe for customer experience management and marketing automation. At a fraction of the cost and complexity of SAP CX, that suite would have all these capabilities:

  • Best of breed B2B ecommerce (Magento)
  • Real-time Magento interaction with SAP for accurate contract pricing, inventory, ATP calculations, instant order-posting to SAP, and more (Corevist required)
  • Best of breed B2B marketing automation driving more revenue from ecommerce (Marketo)

Clearly, the future of digital transformation is bright for manufacturers running SAP. We get excited just thinking about the possibilities. 

It’s worth comparing this path to SAP Commerce Cloud. For manufacturers with limited IT resources, how does Adobe + Magento + Corevist compare to Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud: Technical chops required

Yes, SAP Commerce Cloud is a Forrester leader this time around. But it’s critical that manufacturers contextualize that statement. Which companies will see Commerce Cloud as a leading solution?

Forrester reports this quote from Commerce Cloud customers: “The platform is only suitable for organizations with deep technical skills or a strong SI partnership.” Forrester then goes on to say, “SAP Commerce Cloud is a best fit for firms looking for an industrial strength, fully functional commerce platform and those with the technical chops to support it.”

This reinforces what we reported in an article on hybris competitors—that hybris (the old name for Commerce Cloud) requires no less than 12 full-time employees to support.

What if you A) don’t have the technical experts on staff, B) definitely don’t have 12 of them, and C) don’t want to form an SI partnership? Are you sore outta luck when it comes to SAP-integrated ecommerce?

Corevist Commerce: No chops required

Corevist Commerce exists for companies that answered “No” to the above questions. Where Commerce Cloud requires 12 full-time employees to support it, 1/3 of Corevist clients have no in-house IT resources dedicated to supporting our platform.

How do we achieve this? By working straight from your existing SAP system. Our market-leading integration between Magento & SAP brings critical ecommerce data to the web store, straight from SAP. We start with the real-time integration, keep your business rules in SAP, and add Magento on top for world-class B2B user experience.

For manufacturers that don’t want the cost and complexity of SAP CX and Commerce Cloud, Corevist + Magento + Adobe offers a welcome alternative.

Is Corevist + Magento + Adobe really a viable alternative to SAP CX?

Back to the Forrester Wave report for a moment. I guarantee you that every Corevist client evaluated every single leader and contender on that list—the ones that are relevant to SAP ERP, anyway. They looked at hybris, the precursor to SAP Commerce Cloud, and they chose us.

Rather than SAP’s offering, they chose Magento integrated to SAP through Corevist Commerce.

Why? Because Magento really is that good. Magento was named a Leader in previous Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave reports. They were named leaders—without consideration of the value-add that Corevist provides in SAP integration.

In other words, Magento is an incredibly strong contender for B2B manufacturers running SAP. And that’s great news—because Corevist integrating Magento to SAP lower TCO, faster TTM, and lower maintenance than SAP Commerce Cloud (which, by the way, still requires you to complete integration to SAP).

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