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George Anderson


Above: Corevist team and spouses at the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC.

Our 2018 Annual Conference

As a virtual company, we don’t see each other in person every day. That’s one reason (among many) that we meet once a year for our Annual Conference. It’s a chance to reflect, learn, collaborate, and reinforce the bonds within our team.

This year, we spent the week at Pride RV Resort, a beautiful campground nestled in Maggie Valley, right in the midst of the Great Smoky Mountains. Fittingly, the theme for the week was Pride.

What Pride RV Resort taught us about pride

First and foremost, the staff at Pride RV Resort helped us reflect on what it means to take pride in your work. These lovely folks served us breakfast every morning with contagious joy. Several days, they served us lunch as well—always with big smiles. They learned our names almost instantly. They learned our orders, too.

Some people might think serving food was below them, but not the staff at Pride. They demonstrated pride in their work every day. Their service was so inspiring, our CEO Sam Bayer honored them on the last morning of the conference. After the Pride staff stood in front of the room and took a hearty round of applause, Sam encouraged us all to serve our clients with the same passion that the Pride staff had demonstrated toward us all week.

It was a fantastic moment to honor our friends at the campground, and to reflect on what their service could teach us. To everyone at the Pride RV Resort—thank you for a great week!

What our client videos taught us about pride

Before the conference, Sam asked me to add an item to the agenda: watching corporate videos representing our clients. Working in the technology sector, it’s easy to get bogged down in the code and the technology itself. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we’re making life easier for real people. We wanted to reconnect with the reason we’re here: to improve the lives of the people who use our service.

To get a fresh look from that perspective, we took time to watch 21 corporate videos produced by our clients.

Mannington Mills has a long history of thriving through good times and bad. Most recently, they grew sales 150% with a Magento catalog integrated to SAP through Corevist. Click here for Mannington’s Corevist case study.

While each of these clients has their own market, their own company culture, and their own strengths, we realized the one thing they have in common: Pride. The people at each of them take great pride in their work. These companies are solving real problems for real people. Corevist is an integral part of that puzzle, because we take out friction and make it easier for our clients’ customers to get the products they need.

What we learned from each other about pride

At Corevist, we place a strong emphasis on cross-functional teams. It’s essential for Marketing & Sales to understand what our implementations look like in real life. Likewise, our Project Managers and technical staff play a crucial role in Sales by identifying pain points for our existing clients and explaining how we can take them farther on their B2B ecommerce journeys.

In that sense, our Annual Conferences are unique because everyone hears every presentation. Our SAP consultants get all the details on Sales projections, and our Marketing staff understands how changes in our production support process are improving our service, both to existing and future clients.

What did we learn, listening to detailed technical presentations from all across the company? We learned that in every department, the Corevist family takes great pride in serving our clients. Our team brings real passion to the table every single day. Passion is contagious, and we inspire each other to go the extra mile.

What elk taught us about pride

Our 2018 Annual Conference wasn’t all work. Camping out in the scenic Maggie Valley, we took some time to enjoy the natural beauty (and culinary excellence) which the region has to offer. For many of us, the most memorable experience was our trip deep into Great Smoky Mountain National Park to see elk in the wild.


Elk don’t know they have pride, but they do. Seeing a bull elk in the wild gives you a whole new understanding of that word. Of course, hearing an elk give a “bugling” call is even more incredible.

We aren’t going to start bugling in product demos, but we do have a takeaway from seeing elk in the wild: the world is amazingly beautiful, and we’re grateful to be a part of it. That absolutely drives our passion to make our clients’ worlds even better.

How we’re moving forward with pride

Part of why we meet in person is to flesh out issues that are emerging in real time. Luckily, we only uncovered one significant issue during the conference: the need for a better process to fix translation problems in Corevist Commerce. As an ecommerce solution for global companies, we offer built-in translation in many languages. The issue we’re seeing hadn’t popped up before, but we’re on it—we’re developing a new process for fixing translation problems.

The Takeaway: FREE case study

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