Driving Sales with a Catalog

How Mannington Mills grew sales 150% with a B2C-style catalog

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B2B ecommerce comes in many flavors. For some companies, a simple B2B ordering portal is enough. It allows power users to place orders by SKU, but it doesn’t provide catalog functionality like intelligent search, rich content, recommended products, or cross-selling/upselling.

Mannington Mills, a leading manufacturer of flooring, started their B2B ecommerce journey with a Corevist Commerce portal integrated to SAP. The portal served Mannington’s customers well for years, until John Campbell, Sr. Mgr. of Customer Technology Strategy, wanted more.

John wanted to give Mannington’s customers a best-of-breed, Amazon-style user experience that was still integrated to SAP. He knew there was great untapped potential there for Mannington to increase revenue and account value.

John approached the Corevist team and Magento design/dev firm Americaneagle.com. He wanted to grow his Corevist Commerce implementation from a B2B portal to full-catalog ecommerce.

This is the story of how Americaneagle.com and Corevist delivered.

The best part? Online sales grew 150% after launch.

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  • We scaled up Mannington’s existing SAP integration to include a full catalog
  • We worked with Americaneagle.com to deliver phenomenal user experience with real, live SAP data


“Now that we’ve launched full-catalog ecommerce, it feels amazing. Our customers enjoy a rich user experience that stands with the best of B2C. We’re Easier To Do Business With, which means everyone wins.”

–John Campbell
Senior Manager, Customer Technology Strategy
Mannington Mills, Inc.