Drupal Integration with SAP – Better together

Manufacturers and distributors are turning away from massive technology bundles. They’re showing an increasing preference for best-of-breed solutions tied together with lean, properly architected integrations. Enter the Drupal integration to SAP. SAP excels at ERP–it’s the leader in the pack, with $0.78 on the dollar globally touching an SAP system. Drupal is the leader in open-source commerce, with a great ecosystem of developers creating extensions. Why not bring these 2 platforms together for lean, flexible B2B e-commerce that talks to SAP in real time?

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Bringing together the best of SAP and Drupal.


There’s a reason you use SAP: it’s the leader in ERP systems, particularly for the midmarket. If you’re evaluating an e-commerce solution and wondering how you can populate it with SAP data, Drupal is an excellent choice when coupled with a Corevist integration. Our real-time interface populates your Drupal store with SAP data for inventory levels, credit checks, customer permissions, and more–all while posting 100% error-free e-commerce orders to SAP in real time. What’s not to love?

Drupal Integration with SAP: Highlights


A client of ours ran a legacy CMS that had a high maintenance cost and wasn’t serving their needs well in terms of functionality. When they went to build out a consumer-facing portion of the site, the legacy CMS wasn’t up to the task. A Drupal integration was the ideal fit. With the new platform in place, our client was equipped to build out the B2C channel that they had been planning. Even better, the company got all the functionality they needed in one CMS, rather than trying to maintain 2 CMS’s–and Corevist’s real-time Drupal integration to SAP transferred seamlessly from the legacy CMS to Drupal.

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Corevist’s real-time, web services integration to SAP is platform-agnostic. In other words, it’s incredibly easy to integrate to any e-commerce platform–and a Drupal integration is no exception. In the case of our client, their real-time calls to SAP worked flawlessly in Drupal, with no modifications required. The Drupal developers from 50000feet simply plugged in the same calls from Corevist to populate the Drupal store with real-time SAP data. The end result was more flexible e-commerce and simpler maintenance for our client.

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As B2B e-commerce becomes increasingly democratized, midmarket manufacturers and distributors are waking up to just how attainable it is. A Drupal integration offers B2B SMBs and midmarket firms the opportunity to put up a best-of-breed e-commerce store that’s open-source and supported by an entire ecosystem of developers. The result? Powerful, flexible e-commerce at a great price point–that can easily talk to SAP in real time through Corevist’s web-services integration.

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