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Sam Bayer


SAP + Salesforce + B2B eCommerce

Ever considered an SAP-Salesforce-ecommerce integration?

Sounds complicated, but the use case scenario is a simple one.  A customer comes to your SAP integrated B2B ecommerce webshop looking for the status of an order and they see that it hasn’t shipped yet.  Because of time zone differences, no one is available to answer the phones or the live chat that you’ve implemented.  How do they get in touch with you?  Why they click on the “Contact us” button on the website…of course!  But where does that button lead them?

In most cases, they end up sending a simple email to someone in your organization.  Which essentially means that their request ends up in someone’s almost full…and growing…inbox.  But what if your organization has adopted as your “Trouble Ticket Management System”?  Wouldn’t it be more effective to have that “contact us” button on the website feed directly into and allow all of the business rules and processes associated with managing trouble tickets kick in?

I know SAP doesn’t want to hear this, but…while some organizations LOVE SAP’s ERP system, they don’t want to pay the price to implement and support their CRM system.  While perhaps not as functionally rich as the SAP CRM solution, is nevertheless a very affordable and useful CRM application.

Well, thanks to our own Nathan Leach, all of our clients who run can now avoid that email inbox quicksand and go straight to really managing all of those website inquiries.

Another great example of why open source technologies, well documented interfaces and choosing b2b2dot0 as your eCommerce partner make an awful lot of sense.

Well done Nathan!


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