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Let’s make life easier for your Customer Service team.

Corevist Account Portal, our fully managed solution, empowers customers & internal users to manage accounts. Full order history/tracking, account status, invoice payments, & more.


PLUS: Corevist Self Serve Ordering offers online order entry + ALL account management features.

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Account Management made easy.

The Corevist Customer Account Portal offers:



– Order status for all orders


– Shipping status/notifications


– Tracking #’s & SAP confirmation


– Invoice/payment history


– Pay open invoices


– Your payment types supported


– View month-end statement


– View open items


– View open invoices


– Current credit status


– Multiple user roles


– User account privileges

Add Online Ordering


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All Account Management features PLUS order entry

Whether they’re customers or employees, your users get everything they need from Corevist Self Serve Ordering to place instant orders online:

  • Personalized pricing and product lists for every user.
  • Multi-customer management.
  • Saved carts/upload carts
  • And much more


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Full Customer Service Portal

For CSRs and/or customers

Order Detail: Line Items

Order Detail: Pricing

Order Detail: Shipping

All The Order Data Your Users Need.

Here’s the idea: Let’s make it easy to manage customer accounts. All the appropriate data, straight from SAP—in an interface that’s easier to use than SAP.

  • Order detail–line items
  • Order detail–pricing
  • Order detail–shipping

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Real documents.

Straight from SAP.

Give your users easy access to authentic sales documents from SAP.


Whether you’re using the Account Portal for your Customer Service Reps, for customers themselves, or both, our solution offers the PDF documents your users need to manage accounts.

  • Easy online access to the actual sales order document which was created in SAP when the order was placed.
  • Easy PDF reprints for all orders.
  • All data comes straight from SAP.


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“The solution is easy and quick to implement, with a great integration with SAP. The Corevist team provides great support and engagement on projects.”


–Jean-Marie Genicot, European IS Mgr., BLOUNT Europe SA


Corevist Account Portal works for real customer service departments.

Blount International launched Corevist Commerce, which includes our Account Portal solution. Our managed solution allowed Blount to give customers 100% control of account management—all without increasing the workload on Blount’s IT team.


Learn how Corevist delivered.


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Self Service Ordering

All the features of the Account Portal plus online ordering. Accurate product rules, upload carts/saved carts, & more.
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Corevist Commerce

Our full commerce suite. All the features of Account Portal, plus online ordering, digital catalogs, cross-sell/upsell, and more.
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