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b2b2dot0’s new Magento B2B portfolio

I’ve always had B2C envy.  Firms that build B2C ecommerce websites get to focus on intricate design and can easily show off their work once it’s launched.  As an example, our friends at Magento just bestowed “Most Innovative Site of the Year” Award to Reed and Barton’s website that you can go visit here(It truly is a cool website).  No doubt they, and their partner, Blue Acorn, deserve the recognition. 

They certainly rose to Magento’s stated challenge of:

“…a site that truly represents what Magento Enterprise makes possible. It is a site that not only exhibits creativity and ingenuity, but also showcases Magento Enterprise features, customizations, and/or back-end integration.”

We built a B2C website for Office Relief and you can go visit them here.  It has some very interesting features like: configurable products integrated with SAP, credit cards integrated with Paymetric (which is integrated with SAP) etc.  Unfortunately, as of today, it’s the only project that we’ve worked on that the world can see.  All of our other work is B2B.

That means all of our innovations, and hard work, lie behind a password protected login screen.  How do we brag about all of the wonderful things that we and our clients have created in order to serve their B2B customers?  How do we share all of the B2B innovations that could add value to others in the industry?

We create our own pulpit, that’s how!

I’m really excited about announcing the “Use Cases” section of our corporate website.

Over the past five years we’ve rolled out hundreds of “mini-projects” for our clients.

Some that were focused on increasing revenue from their B2B webshops (better product search, support configurable products and selector guides, support Punchout scenarios).  Some that were focused on providing a more personalized webshop experience (displaying the user’s sales rep/ credit rep, providing personalized catalogs with real time inventory and contract pricing, annotating orders at the line item level etc.).  Some that were focused on increasing the efficiencies of our client’s organization (orders placed with delivery blocks, emails sent when availability checks showed low inventory, errors trapped for configuration issues in the SAP material master etc.).

This is the place where we’ll give you a peek behind the closed B2B door and share some of those projects.

Come back often because we’ve got a lot of ’em!

Oh yeah, and some of them actually have won awards :-)!


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