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Here’s why manufacturers choose Corevist Commerce.

B2B eCommerce Use Cases | SAP Integration Included | Corevist, Inc.

Give your customers the online portal they want

Are your customers asking for an online portal? If so, you’re not alone. 97% of procurement managers now demand a customer portal. Manufacturers choose Corevist Commerce because we’re the whole package: ecommerce for purchasing, plus customer dashboard for account management. It’s all supported by a real-time SAP integration so your customers get the accurate information they need.

Offer true self-service ordering

Your customers are asking for self-service ordering. Corevist Commerce delivers. Our ecommerce catalog, portal, payments, and customer dashboard empower total self-service for every step of the customer journey. They key is our real-time integration to SAP. It gives your customers the accurate information they need, every step of the way—things like accurate contract pricing, real-time inventory data, account credit status, and much more.

Launch a new product line

A strong ecommerce presence drives the impact of a new product line—and it may be a competitive necessity. If other players in the market are already online (or moving there fast), Corevist Commerce facilitates a strong landing for your new product line. The best part? Due to our real-time SAP integration, Corevist Commerce easily scales when you’re ready to expand your ecommerce business to include other sales areas and product lines.

Expand your merchandising capabilities

Looking to expand your per-user revenue? Merchandising through Corevist Commerce offers the perfect solution. By carrying your SAP business rules to the ecommerce store in real time, Corevist Commerce supports upselling and cross-selling in many formats—including related product bundling, price break by quantity, price break by shipping configuration, and more.

Empower your sales reps to order in the field

In the pharmaceutical/medical industry, field sales reps need an easy way to place orders on behalf of customers from their phone or tablet. They also need easy order tracking. Corevist Commerce delivers a seamless, intuitive internal ordering portal with real-time SAP integration built right in. That way, sales reps can finalize deals while they’re sitting across the desk from your customer.

Make it easy to order spare parts

Are your customers asking for an easier way to order spare parts? Corevist Commerce delivers with eParts, our interactive parts catalog module that transforms your exploded diagrams into clickable catalogs. With visual parts ordering right at their fingertips, your customers can get the right part the first time without a hassle.

Go direct to consumer

Manufacturers are realizing that they must define their role in distribution. They must navigate the difficult waters of distributor/dealer relationships, while still getting closer to the consumer to reclaim margins and market share. In many markets, going direct to the consumer offers powerful competitive advantages. Corevist Commerce allows manufacturers to reach new market segments with a seamless online customer experience.

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