Benefits of Corevist


Shipping errors simply shouldn’t happen in B2B. They create waste for vendors and frustration for customers. Can’t we eliminate this problem with technology? Absolutely! That’s exactly what we did for our client, tng worldwide. The company’s new B2B eCommerce website made an immediate impact on their business:

  • Eliminated shipping errors
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined data handling to/from SAP


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Are you still taking payment via checks sent in the mail? That method can add 6+ business days to the payments process. Your customers want to pay faster, and you want to capture revenue faster. Luckily, there is a solution–integrating your payments process with SAP via Corevist. Here’s what our client, Blount International, achieved with SAP-integrated e-payments:

  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding with faster payment collections
  • Improved operational efficiency with self-service e-payment portal
  • Empowered customers to apply payments to the open items of their choice

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SAP is your system of record. It’s where your inventory data “lives.” The trouble with eCommerce is that it, too, needs to read and write that inventory data–preferably in real time, so there are no surprises. How do you build an SAP-integrated eCommerce website that can display real-time inventory for your entire catalog–without encountering performance issues? It’s easier than you might think–it just depends on the architecture design. Read how our client, Cycling Sports Group, achieved the following:

  • Reestablished their B2B web portal as the authoritative place for B2B bicycle sales.
  • Satisfied their dealers by showing accurate inventory online for their entire catalog.
  • Captured revenue that was at risk for moving to the competition


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Can you really offer highly configurable products in B2B eCommerce? Absolutely! The key is to work from SAP, where all your configuration data lives. We partner with Configit, global leader in product configuration solutions, to bring your SAP VC data to the web store. The result? Customers are empowered to configure products on their own, and requests-for-quote or sales orders are posted directly to SAP, depending on your needs. Here’s what our client, Office Relief, achieved when they implemented configurable products:

  • Improved customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their own product options
  • Launched configurable products in the eCommerce store with no burden on IT staff
  • Built a best-of-breed eCommerce experience that takes its cue from B2C


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Every company running SAP ERP is different. Consequently, one-size-fits-all eCommerce solutions just don’t cut it in the SAP world. This is especially true in order management. Our client, PARI Respiratory, needed to streamline their knowledge management process in the area of order fulfillment. That meant clarifying processes in SAP so that our integrated eCommerce solution had correct, efficient data to work with. Here’s what our client achieved:

  • Eliminated errors in order entry with automated SAP checks
  • Empowered their customers to self-serve their order management needs
  • Clarified their data management practices to eliminate future waste


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Are you taking orders by phone/fax/email? Wishing you could automate to reduce the burden on your CSRs? The Corevist solution allows you to do just that. With an ordering portal that’s available online 24×7, plus a real-time integration to SAP, the Corevist solution puts ordering power back in the hands of your customers. Real-time order simulation in SAP ensures that your customers place only 100% error-free orders.

  • Eliminate errors orders placed by customers.
  • Launch a B2B ordering platform that’s fully future-proofed.
  • Eliminate friction and become Easier To Do Business With.


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Improve Customer Support

Our goal is to enable your site to process “hands free” transactions, wherever possible. But, for a variety of reasons, that’s not always possible. That’s why we watch for abandoned carts, error messages, credit issues and more. Then, we leverage your existing SAP® workflow rules to notify the appropriate people to handle these exception cases.

Below are specific examples of how we improve customer experiences with SAP®-integrated B2B websites.

Personalize your customers’ experience

In B2B relationships, you know a lot about your customers. You know their credit history, order history, warehouse locations, preferred payment and shipping methods, assigned sales reps and more.

Even if you manufacture and support multiple brands, your customers see the right products, with the right branding and contract pricing. They also see their preferred shipping methods, payment methods, and other preferences.

Below are just a few examples: