Web-based B2B ordering gives people the information they need, when they need it.  But what happens when something goes wrong?

If one of your platinum customers has a situation that prevents automatic order processing  — like a credit limit issue — you want to know about it immediately.  It’s not enough to display a cold, automated error message and log a trouble ticket in the queue behind everyone else.

That was the challenge presented to us by Drive Medical — one of the fastest growing global manufacturers and distributors of durable medical equipment.

If a problem occurred with an online order from a top-tier customer, Drive Medical wanted a person, not a computer, to  address the issue.  This way Drive would have the opportunity find a solution and show special attention to their most valued customers.

  • Created a filter to flag problematic orders from platinum customers
  • Captured the order information and the issue that prevented “hands-free” processing
  • Generated an email alert to a special email address that is staffed just for this purpose
  • Improved customer service response rates for platinum level customers
  • Increased revenue by enabling quicker intervention on problem orders
  • Improved customer satisfaction — with the most important customers

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