What if you could let customers make changes to their placed orders before they went into fulfillment?

You can.

Change is a constant…especially with customer orders. But, it’s hard to manufacture a moving target. That’s why most manufacturers shutter at the mention of a change request.

But, what if you could give your customers the ability to make very specific types of changes to open orders that have not yet shipped? That was the task presented to us by Cycling Sport Group (CSG).

CSG, a division of Dorel Industries, represents 5 different bicycle brands and supports more than 5,000 Independent Bicycle Dealers in the US, Europe and Japan.

Recently, b2b2dot0 helped the company launch a B2B eCommerce portal that features real-time integration between Magento and SAP. (Read the case study)

Our next task was to empower CSG’s customers to use the portal to make changes to open orders.

CSG’s business rules specified that:

  • Orders with a ship status of “open” should be available for logged-in B2B users to modify
  • Only the quantities of unshipped items can be changed, or new items added to the order

We listened to the request from CSG and decided it was a good idea – not only for their site, but also for our core product.

With this functional update we introduced the ability for our customers to configure the types of changes that can be made to Open Orders.

Our new configuration options are:

  • For each Open Order, you can allow your customers to:
    • Request that the order be automatically put on a delivery block
    • Change the PO number
    • Change the requested delivery date
  • For each Line Item on an Open Order, you can allow your customers to:
    • Change the material number
    • Change quantity of item ordered
    • Change requested delivery date
    • Change text in the item reference field
    • Add or delete items from the order

CSG chose to configure these new options so that their customers can:

  • Change the quantities of unshipped items
  • Add new items to an open, unshipped order.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Decreased the number of change request calls to the Customer Support Center

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