Do you know how to avoid shipping errors by validating addresses in real-time? We do.

Scroll through the description below to see how we helped tng worldwide integrate with SmartyStreets to:

  • eliminate errors
  • save money on shipping costs
  • speed delivery of shipments

tng worldwide — a global manufacturer and distributor of professional beauty supplies — supports an enormous number of B2B dealers that behave more like B2C customers.

Most of tng’s dealers own and operate nail salons, hair salons and beauty supply shops. Many are first-time buyers and place small orders of $100 or less. Repeat buyers may only come back once or twice in a year.

Recently, tng partnered with us to develop – a B2B eCommerce site that automates the processing of thousands of new, first-time B2B buyers and enforces custom SAP business rules.

Our solution needed to work with the following:

tng wanted to:

  • Allow new B2B customers to register online, create their own sold-to and ship-to records, and have those records simultaneously created in SAP
  • Validate new ship-to records –- in real-time — and alert customers of invalid (or undeliverable) addresses
  • Standardize the way addresses are stored in SAP
  • Minimize, or avoid, costly shipment returns
  • Identify an address as Residential or Commercial for proper US coding
  • Identify PO boxes, as some shipments contain materials that can only be delivered to physical addresses
  • We integrated the SmartyStreets API into tng’s Magento-based eCommerce website
  • We separated and mapped the address fields into tng’s SAP system according to tng’s preferences

SmartyStreets live address API makes it faster and easier than ever to verify addresses on your website.  With SmartyStreets you can:

  • Help your customers provide valid address data by real-time verification
  • Display multiple matches if the address is ambiguous, and alert them when the address is not valid
  • Save money on shipping costs
  • Make your shipments arrive faster

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