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b2b2dot0 partners with Magento

RALEIGH, NC (SEPT 30, 2011) — b2b2dot0 – a software company that provides web-based solutions for manufacturers that run their enterprise on SAP® — is proud to announce that it is now a Magento Bronze Industry Partner.

The Magento Partner program gives companies like b2b2dot0 full access and support for developing and administering robust and intuitive eCommerce sites for all types of businesses.

b2b2dot0’s SaaS web sales channel for SAP allows manufacturers to process orders directly into SAP in real-time, as well as provide a customer self-service portal. Manufacturers can leverage their investment in SAP by providing customers a way to do business that is available 24×7 and adds value to their relationships with customers by giving them business-critical information at their fingertips.

Designed to mimic large-scale ecommerce systems that run merchants like Amazon and eBay, Magento brings full eCommerce capability for a sophisticated shopping experience.

“The combination of b2b2dot0’s core solution and the Magento platform creates robust, graphics-rich, b2c-style ecommerce sites that most people have come to expect on the web,” said Sam Bayer, CEO of b2b2dot0. “The difference is that we’re delivering b2c-style web experiences in a b2b environment with personalized products, pricing, terms and real-time data from SAP.”

“Just a few years ago, if an organization used SAP and wanted to build a web-based sales channel, there were only two choices: build a custom web site from scratch or heavily customize existing software products. Both options were incredibly time-consuming and resource intensive.” said Bayer. “We take a different approach.  Only b2b2dot0 leverages open-source technology, delivers it in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, integrates it in real-time with SAP, and uses an agile mindset.”

“Our core solution in combination with the Magento platform, creates a unrivaled option for manufacturers looking reduce the cost of b2b eCommerce and make the most of their ERP investment,” Bayer added.

“As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any other solution providers that can offer more b2b ecommerce functionality, in less time, for less cost that we do.”

Read more about how we facilitate two-way, real-time integration between SAP and Magento.


About b2b2dot0

b2b2dot0’s founders know web-based b2b eCommerce. We know SAP® systems. And we know how expensive and time-consuming implementing SAP software-based b2b eCommerce can be.  Our SAP software-integrated solution leverages existing SAP installations to provide seamless eCommerce functionality faster, less expensively, and with lower risk than building a custom website or heavily customizing existing software products. b2b2dot0 is based in Raleigh, NC, with satellite offices in Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, and Switzerland.

About Magento

Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform with over 225 solution providers, 100,000 merchants and brands worldwide and a host of Industry Partners that create applications and extensions for the Magento platform. Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Based in Los Angeles, Magento is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial organization dedicated to the mission of enabling the eCommerce ecosystem.

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