Sam Bayer


B2B eCommerce in the UK – Latest Trends

A survey of 100 UK based Manufacturers was recently commissioned in order to explore current B2B eCommerce trends in that part of the world.  While nothing earth shattering was uncovered, the findings are worth summarizing since they reinforce what has become the “common wisdom” in our market.

Bottom line?

B2B eCommerce is booming and organizations are struggling to take advantage of the opportunities because of the complexity of the technology and the lack of qualified resources.

You can get yourself a free copy of the report here.

These are some of the other key factoids and takeaways:

  1. UK leads the world in eCommerce as a percentage of GDP (8.3%).  According to the referenced FT article, Brits bought 13.5% of their goods online!
  2. 67% of surveyed firms were already doing B2B eCommerce.
  3. Supporting international growth is a key business driver for B2B eCommerce.
  4. What are the key obstacles to developing eCommerce for business?
    • Finding the right technology (62%)
    • Ongoing management (55%)
    • Lack of senior management commitment (47%)
  5. What would you use partners for?
    • Defining business objectives (62%)
    • Deploying technology (59%)
    • Improving time to market for eCommerce (30%)

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Looks like it was perfect timing!