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October 2022

Are You Facing Your Customers’ Pain?

The latest B2B Buyer Report from Avionos has some powerful takeaways for B2B companies. Avionos surveyed B2B buyers in several industries and found a heightened sense of pain when it comes to purchasing from suppliers. Here are the biggest takeaways … Continued
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Making Life Easier For Warehousing Customers

Packaging manufacturers face complex challenges when it comes to B2B eCommerce. For customers with warehousing terms, the process of determining requirements, placing orders, and releasing stock is fairly complex. Today’s leading packaging companies are making life easier for warehousing customers … Continued
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How Packaging Companies Win With B2B eCommerce

Packaging companies face unique challenges when they look at B2B eCommerce. From customer-specific SKUs, to warehousing agreements for ordering and fulfillment, it’s hard to imagine how B2B eCommerce might work at your organization.   Yet packaging customers want self-service. They prefer … Continued
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Is B2B Shopping Really Like B2C?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that all B2B eCommerce websites need to provide an Amazon-style experience. If you haven’t heard this, you will! It’s one of the most common talking points in the industry today. To some extent, … Continued
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