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July 2021

Top 8 Benefits of B2B eCommerce

No doubt about it, B2B eCommerce is essential for manufacturers in the digital age. The benefits of B2B eCommerce touch all parts of the organization — from customer service to IT and sales — not to mention buyers themselves. Your … Continued
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Integrating BigCommerce To SAP ECC: What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for an eCommerce solution integrated to SAP, BigCommerce looks like a great option. The platform is quite robust for B2C. If you’ve already launched BigCommerce for a proof of concept in B2B, the idea of integrating with … Continued
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5 Ways to Run Smarter with B2B Ecommerce Analytics

Editor’s note: Originally published April 25, 2018. Updated July 21, 2021. Whether you’re launching B2B eCommerce to grow revenue, increase efficiency, or both, you need to define your goals and measure your performance against them. But what should you actually … Continued
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32 B2B eCommerce Features That Matter Most

Most articles on B2B eCommerce features mention 10 or 15 capabilities to look for. But that’s not a comprehensive view of everything you need in a B2B solution. In fact, a platform with a handful of B2B eCommerce features probably … Continued
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