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February 2020

Defining Your Balance Of Control In B2B eCommerce

Control + responsibility in B2B eCommerce How much control (and responsibility) do you want over your B2B eCommerce stack? Manufacturers have a limited number of choices when it comes to eCommerce management models. At a high level, all options fall … Continued
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How Your Customers Really Feel About Your Ordering Process

True confessions from dealers & distributors At Corevist, our software is designed to simplify manufacturers’ interactions with their dealers and distributors. To make that a reality, we constantly strive for a deeper understanding of how real people interact with Corevist. … Continued
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Meeting The eCommerce Threat In Aftermarket Parts

Parts Industries & eCommerce B2B eCommerce is nothing if not disruptive. This is especially true in spare parts industries. From automotive to industrial and everything in between, parts manufacturers are grappling with the competitive threat of eCommerce. That threat typically … Continued
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