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December 2018

The 5 Critical Facets Of Your Digital Transformation Plan

Planning Your Digital Transformation The transition from legacy business processes to SAP ecommerce comes with many exciting challenges. We’ve dealt with the first two stages in this journey in previous posts—appointing an ecommerce lead, and mapping the needs of your … Continued
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$1 Trillion in B2B Ecommerce Is Here–3 Takeaways

$1 Trillion in B2B Ecommerce B2B ecommerce is growing, and that growth is outstripping expert predictions. Are you part of the revolution? In 2017, Forrester Research famously predicted that the total B2B ecommerce market would hit $1 trillion by 2019. … Continued
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Think Like A Distributor, Act Like A Manufacturer

What manufacturers can learn from distributors As the pressure mounts on manufacturers to launch SAP ecommerce for sustained competitive viability, they’re encountering the massive mindset shift that’s required for online success. It’s not only old processes that must be retired, … Continued
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It Shouldn’t Be This Hard To Do Ecommerce Right

B2B ecommerce (the struggle is real) At Corevist, there’s a certain story we hear all the time when it comes to B2B ecommerce. It’s an unfortunate story in the sense that it includes disappointment–yet it’s a hopeful story, too, because … Continued
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