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August 2018

4 Friction Points Costing You the Sale in Spare Parts

Eliminating buyer friction in spare parts Selling B2B spare parts online is challenging. From automotive spare parts, to industrial and every niche in between, you’re up against unique challenges. The more commoditized your market is, the harder you have to … Continued
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Benchmarking Your SAP Performance

SAP ERP systems come in all shapes and sizes. The Corevist team has seen them all–we have over 300,000 collective hours of SAP ecommerce experience. We’ve also seen a wide range of response times in SAP performance, from lightning-fast systems … Continued
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Guarding Yourself from Cybersquatting in B2B Ecommerce

Cybersquatting in B2B Ecommerce EDITOR’S NOTE: Today’s article is a guest post by Clayton Dillard, President of Legion Cyberworks. Legion provides cybersecurity, threat detection, and threat mitigation to the Corevist Platform technology stack.  B2B ecommerce opens up all kinds of … Continued
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Streamlining Our Lean Production Support Process

The life of an enterprise software company is full of transformations. Markets change, technologies change, and processes change. Sometimes we can choose whether to make a change or not, and other times we have no choice. In the case of … Continued
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