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George Anderson


12 Features of Corevist Commerce

At Corevist, we’re continually improving our product, Corevist Commerce. That means taking feedback from our clients and their customers, plus analyzing emerging best practices in ecommerce. With that information, we’re equipped for the continuous improvement of Corevist Commerce.

Here are 12 results of the continual improvement process. These are real features that work for real people, and they’re all supported within Corevist Commerce. Let’s dive in!

1. Abandoned cart reports to customer service (and reminders to customers)

Abandoned carts are more common in B2C, but they can happen in B2B. Here’s what it looks like. Your customer came to your site, put some things into his cart, then got distracted and went on to other things.

Now what? Is that a lost sale?

It doesn’t have to be. This Corevist feature allows Customer Service to receive daily or weekly reports of customers who abandoned their cart. You can also email a reminder to the customer that they didn’t finish checkout.

2. SAP reports (price lists, inventory reports, backordered items) viewable on the web

Do you have reports in SAP that would be meaningful to your customers? E.g. a price list, an inventory report, or a backordered item list? Corevist Commerce can submit most SAP reports, including customer-specific parameters such as sold-to number or material number. It can return those reports to the web as either HTML, flat text, or as a PDF download.

3. Pendo and Fullstory for user behavior analysis

Want to guide your users through your ecommerce store? Want to help them fall in love with B2B ecommerce? Pendo helps you do just that. With user-friendly analytics reporting, customer feedback, and personalized guides, Pendo takes your ecommerce experience to the next level.

In Corevist Commerce, Fullstory is the perfect complement to Pendo. Want to watch over your customer’s shoulder as they use your website? Fullstory makes it possible to review the actual clicks a user makes on your site. This has all kinds of applications. For example:

  • If a customer is complaining that they didn’t receive their order, Fullstory can show you that they never actually clicked the Place Order button.
  • If the user is complaining about receiving an error on the page and you can’t replicate the error, Fullstory allows you to watch their sequence of steps and see the problem as they saw it.

4. FedEx rate shopping

Can’t take credit cards the web because you don’t know how much shipping will cost? Good news—Corevist has implemented FedEx rate shopping. This allows your customers to determine the cost of shipping based upon all the factors that contribute to it:

  • The source plant.
  • The customer’s address.
  • The weight and dimensions of the packages.

Want to know more? Talk to your Corevist PM for details.

5. Requester/Approver functionality

if your customers have several people placing orders on the web, they might want to have a single person approving the purchases. That way, no one buyer exceeds the company’s credit limit.

Here’s how it works. Bob the Buyer goes in and places his order in the Corevist Commerce cart. His boss, Mary the Manager, receives a request for approval. She reviews the order alongside other requests from other buyers she supervises. Once she confirms that the appropriation of credit matches the highest buying priorities, she approves the orders accordingly.

This is a lifesaver in complex B2B scenarios. It allows your customers to manage their credit limits through self-service and makes you easier to do business with.

6. Order changes/cancellations

It’s not a pleasant topic, but yes, orders are going to get canceled. The question is, how will you deal with that process? Will you make it easy for customers to manage their relationship with you, or will you make them jump through hoops?

Depending on the needs of your business, Corevist Commerce can permit specific type of changes or cancellations in an order. If you have some scenarios that would save your CSRs time, it may make sense to permit those changes via the web. The key is to work with your Corevist PM to get order change/cancellation functionality configured to your needs.

7. Self-service quotes

Quotes are useful for your dealers to give to end buyers, or for sales reps to prepare prior to meeting with an important customer. In an ecommerce scenario, self-service quote request functionality allows you to maintain the quoting process while moving your business online with ecommerce.

If you use quotes in your SAP system, talk to us about offering them on the web.

8. Self-service returns

Nobody likes to talk about returns, but let’s be honest, they happen. What if you could process them more efficiently?

With Corevist, you can. Allow your customer to request a return via self-service on the web. If you don’t want to give customers the power to do returns online, you can still allow them to report shipping errors. That includes things like overages, underages, or damaged goods. Your customers can request a credit or a debit and provide comments about a shipping error.

9. Large order handling for 500-3000 line item orders

Do you spend too much time cleaning up EDI errors? Who says you can’t do EDI over the web? Let your customer know in real time that there are problems with the items she’s trying to order. The new Corevist cart can support very large orders, depending upon your system performance. Talk to Corevist today to see if this option is right for you.

10. Display price scales in the cart

Do you offer different discounts or price scales based on the quantity of items? In other words, do you want to upsell your customer to increase the order quantity by offering a better unit price? Corevist Commerce can display pricing scales right within the cart, including the thresholds for each price break. This helps you sell more, and it creates better value for the customer.

11. Pay invoices with a credit card

Many B2B manufacturers could offer payment by credit card. It’s so much easier than you think. You can easily turn on something with Spreedly and have it integrated to Corevist Commerce. As today’s world increasingly moves toward a digital-first model, taking payment by credit card makes life easier for your customers.  

12. Display monthly A/R statements

Looking to simplify your accounts receivable process? Corevist Commerce supports monthly A/R statements. This allows your A/R department to stay on top of overdue invoices and pinpoint problematic accounts. With this knowledge, they’re better equipped to maintain a good relationship with those customers, which ultimately leads to more sales through ecommerce.

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