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Sam Bayer


The power of real-time order visibility in SAP

I just came back from an annual strategic planning session with one of our clients.  They have been on Corevist Commerce, fully integrated to SAP, since December of 2013.  In that time they’ve processed over $160M worth of business via Corevist Commerce.  The Executive VP of Digital Experience, who led the initial B2B digital commerce platform selection process, said that upon reflection, there was one single overriding reason why he went with Corevist.

Can you guess what it is?

“Prior to Corevist, we never had an accurate picture of the International demand for our products.  Because order processing was all manual, it could take days or even weeks before an order would show up in our SAP system.  Once we implemented Corevist’s self-service Ordering Portal our International Distributors and Dealers placed orders 24×7 without human intervention and we had instantaneous visibility into our demand.  We could then adjust our supply chain requirements accordingly.  That was, and still is, HUGE for us!”

It’s as simple as that.  Orders drive the business.

Until customer orders (or quotes for that matter) are in your SAP system, no one really understands what the factory needs to produce or how healthy your business is.

To be sure there were plenty of other features that were great to have: self-service customer support, ability to view order history, the support for buying groups, electronic bill presentment and payment,  etc., but by far, this EVP’s #1 benefit, that he continues to enjoy to this day, is real time visibility into his orders which he can translate into demand for the factory.

Wait until he sees what the latest version of the Corevist platform can do for him :-)