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New partnership at b2b2dot0

I just came across a post with this title over at the itelligence blog.  That reminded me that I’ve yet to formally announce our relationship with Esker,which we entered into at the end of last year.  So that’s the subject of today’s post.

Frankly, I’m not sure that I could say it much better than itelligence’s Frank Nichols did on the itelligence blog so I’m going to repost it here, with full credit to him, (and my additions in italics).  Incidently, we’ve come across enough of itelligence’s customers in the market that leads me to believe that there is probably good reason for the two of us to establish a partnership as well.  That’s next :-)


By:  Frank Nichols

Esker is a recognized leader in helping organizations reduce the use
of paper, eliminate manual processes and simplify IT landscapes.  Esker
delivers the benefits of automated document processing as on-demand
services (SaaS) and on-premise solutions.  Customers achieve significant
operational efficiencies, cost savings visibility and control within
order-to-cash and procure-to-pay business processes ranging from sales
order management and accounts receivable to purchasing and accounts

Esker and itelligence (and b2b2dot0) share the same focus on SAP mid-market
customers.  Esker (and b2b2dot0) provides technology and SaaS solutions relevant to
those questions that are especially suited to the mid-size SAP
customer.  Based on this mutual focus, itelligence (and b2b2dot0) and Esker have joined
in a partnership.  The idea being that Esker can help itelligence (and b2b2dot0)
provide document solutions for our customers and in doing so itelligence (and b2b2dot0) 
reinforces the position of trusted advisor to our customers and vice

Esker has around 400 SAP customers in the USA and 800 Worldwide.  
Founded in 1985, Esker operates globally with more than 80,000 customers
and millions of licensed users worldwide.  Esker has global
headquarters in Lyon, France and U.S. headquarters in Madison,

For more information, visit

For more information contact:

Frank Nichols
/ 630-725-3369

Dan Reeve 608-828-6135

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