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Sam Bayer


They’re sleeping in Seattle…

…and Portland, Montreal, New York, Richmond, Brussels, London and many other cities, large and small, around the world.  If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it dozens of times, our clients love the fact that they can go to bed with one less thing to worry about.  They don’t ever have to worry about the availability of, and having the resources and expertise to support, their SAP integrated ecommerce websites.  I’m very proud of that!

Website availability is not the primary reason our clients initially choose to do business with us.  To be sure, somewhere along the line someone brings up the “availability and support” line of questioning.  But for the most part, people fall in love with the ease of use of our application, the level of SAP and Magento integration that we provide out-of-the-box, the speed and price of our implementations, the extensibility of our service, and the expertise that we bring to the table.  In fact, availability is one of those attributes that you don’t truly appreciate until something goes “bump in the night”.

I got to thinking about this topic last week when our newly appointed Director of IT, Justin Diana, pointed out that our Q4 SLA (Service Level Agreement) metrics were the highest we’ve ever had.  Our clients’ websites were available 99.984% (“three nines +”) of the time in the month of December.  That translates to about 12 minutes of downtime out of the 5208 total hours (312,480 minutes) available in the month of December.  More impressively, since we only present aggregate data on our website, Justin told me that most of our clients actually had ZERO downtime in the month.

Those kind of numbers don’t happen by luck.

There is a lot of planning, designing, testing, monitoring, alerting and intervening…not to mention investments in hardware and software…that make that happen.

It’s really pretty ironic though.

A lot of time and effort goes into making sure that availability is a topic that we never have to talk to anyone about.  So we rarely do.  I hate that.

Take a look at the portfolio section of our website and you’ll see all of the wonderful things that we accomplish for our clients from a functionality perspective.  That’s our core competency and we love providing that kind of support to our clients’ businesses.  However, when you’re in the business of delivering an SAP integrated application from the cloud, like we are, you have another core competency…keeping things from going bump in the night.

Without giving away any of our trade secrets, in future posts, I’m hoping to give you a glimpse of some of the things that we’ve done to ensure that our clients can all have a restful night’s sleep…no matter where on the globe they live.

Here is to wishing you a great and sleepful 2013!



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