SAP Shipping Solutions

Corevist integrates with ShipERP, right out of the box.

B2B shipping isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. You need flexibility, and you need real-time interaction with SAP. That’s why Corevist partners with ERP Integrated Solutions, Inc., to offer full integration with ShipERP, the leader in SAP shipping solutions.

From rate shopping to transportation management, ShipERP + Corevist delivers. When you integrate ShipERP with Corevist, you get:

  • Multi-carrier & multi-modal shipping management
  • Real-time data interaction with carriers and your SAP system.
  • SAP Certified integration.

Benefits of ShipERP Integration

Put your customers first with a Corevist/ShipERP integration

Your customers want to manage shipments on their time. Help them maximize shipping value and on-time delivery needs with real-time data from carriers and from SAP. That way, your customers get the products they need, and their world keeps on moving.

Don’t waste resources by depending on CSRs for shipping management

When you offer self-service shipping management, you eliminate manual SAP data entry, call-ins, and lookups that are taxing your Customer Service department. Put shipping management in the hands of your customers, and you’ll cut your cost of order fulfillment.

Offer the unique shipping options your customers need

Every business is different. From multi-carrier and multi-modal to international shipments and more, Corevist + ShipERP is ready to meet your needs.

  • Multi-carrier
  • Multi-modal
  • Highly configurable
  • Transportation management
  • And much more

Rest well at night with one portal for all shipping management tasks

When you integrate ShipERP to your Corevist Commerce instance, you create a one-stop shop for all shipping management tasks.

  • No more re-keying data between separate systems.
  • No more lost orders, missing shipments, or out-of-date information.

Find out why our clients trust us with over $1 billion in order value annually.

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ShipERP Integration Highlights

Unleash the Power of Total Shipping Management

Your B2B buyers shop on Amazon at home, and they bring those expectations to work. Like Amazon, your ecommerce solution should meet all their needs–including self-service shipping control that maps to the complexities of B2B shipping. When you integrate ShipERP to your Corevist Commerce store, you get everything you need for total shipping management.

  • Flexible configuration that matches your business needs. ShipERP mirrors your shipping processes for a 1:1 fit between technology and real life.
  • Accurate, real-time data to/from SAP and carriers. Because Corevist Commerce + ShipERP talks to your SAP system in real time and talks to carriers, your customers get up-to-the minute rate calculations, shipment statuses, and more. 

Accelerate shipping with cloud-based management

Want to accelerate your order fulfillment process and eliminate friction? That’s what you get when you offer cloud-based shipping management through ShipERP, integrated to Corevist Commerce in real time. 

Your customers want ease of use on mobile devices so they can complete purchases in the field. They want to work faster. Offer total shipping management with Corevist Commerce + ShipERP. 

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