, SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

Bring SAP CPQ to your web channel.


Your customers can configure products exactly to their specifications, right within the web store.

  • Present the right SAP CPQ product attributes on the web.
  • Easy, self-service product configuration.
  • Accurate, real-time pricing direct from SAP.
  • Accurate inventory/ATP
  • And much more


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, SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

Modern CPQ for your web channel

, SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

Give your customers seamless access to SAP CPQ through ecommerce.

Corevist integrates with Configit, right out of the box.

Your reps and your customers need a faster, easier way to order configurable products. That’s why Corevist Commerce integrates with SAP CPQ through our partnership with Configit.

That’s 100% self-service product configuration, right in your web store or field sales portal. Configurable for direct order placement or request-for-quote.



SAP CPQ Highlights

, SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

Unleash the Power of SAP CPQ + Configit

For complex products with configurable attributes, SAP CPQ is the name of the game, and Configit delivers that functionality. Your salespeople need the ability to specify product configuration and offer quotes to your customers. For businesses that want to offer self-service order placement of the configured product, we support SAP CPQ integration through Configit.

If you already have an SAP CPQ solution with Configit, talk to us about integrating it to Corevist Commerce. If you’re looking for a solution, we can point you in the right direction. Either way, Corevist Commerce CPQ integrations come in two basic flavors, depending on your needs:

  • CPQ—Configure, Price, Quote. The customer or salesperson can configure a product through self-service and place a request for quote. This RFQ is posted to SAP in real time.
  • CPQ + O—Configure, Price, Quote, and Order. The customer or salesperson can configure a product through self-service and place a real order. This order is posted to SAP in real time.

, SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

Portability of SAP CPQ—Salesforce, Ecommerce, and more

Configit’s SAP CPQ solution doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Often, that data needs to show up in 3rd party applications, either through batch updates or real-time integrations. The good news is that the integration of Corevist Commerce + Configit for SAP CPQ is portable to ecommerce, Salesforce, and more. That means all your business data, working together as a harmonious whole.

, SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

The Importance of Self-Service for SAP CPQ

The B2B market increasingly expects self-service ecommerce. B2B buyers use Amazon and similar B2C websites to buy things in their personal lives, and they bring those expectations to work. Digital self-service is the name of the game. In the case of Configit’s SAP CPQ solution integrated to Corevist Commerce, that means self-service product configuration—and it often means direct order placement in SAP.

, SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

The power of SAP CPQ automation

Because the Corevist/Configit integration to SAP CPQ uses real SAP data, it rejects impossible configuration options automatically. Any combination of product attributes that’s invalid in SAP is also invalid in our integration with your SAP CPQ solution.

In fact, the Corevist/Configit CPQ integration, like the entire Corevist Commerce suite, only places 100% error-free orders (or request for quotes) in SAP. This takes away the headache of going back and forth with the customer through phone or email to rectify order errors.

Configit’s SAP CPQ solution in action

What does Configit’s CPQ solution look like in a real, live ecommerce store integrated with an SAP environment? Check out this video to see it for yourself. You’ll see the Corevist/Configit integration in action, from configuration all the way through order placement in SAP.

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Benefits of SAP CPQ integrated to Corevist Commerce

SAP CPQ: What it means for you

Self-service CPQ is a game changer. If your Sales staff is heavily burdened with configure-price-quote requests, integrating your Configit SAP CPQ solution to Corevist Commerce can slash that workload. When your customers can configure products on their own (placing quote requests or orders at the end of the process), your Sales staff is freed up to work on more complex problems. You make gains in efficiency and cost savings.

  • Every quote created in CPQ is 100% SAP-accurate.
  • Your Sales staff is free to pursue complex problems and market growth strategies.
  • Empower distributors to create and manage quotes through self-service.
  • Save and reuse complex configurations for repeat-purchase products.
  • Full portability of data to CRM platforms like Salesforce.com.

SAP CPQ: What it means for your customers

An SAP CPQ solution like Configit + Corevist opens the door to a phenomenal customer experience. When you empower your customers to play with your product configurator that’s integrated to Corevist Commerce, you make yourself transparent and let them check out different configurations before they buy. You become easier to do business with—and that makes your customers’ lives easier.

  • Self-service empowers your customers to configure products on their own time, without pressure.
  • Reactive display of product attributes helps customers narrow down the exact configuration they need.
  • Clear visibility into which product options are (or aren’t) available with other product options.
  • Customers save time on repeat orders with saved quote configurations.  

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