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Seamless CPQ with data
straight from SAP VC.


Need to sell your configurable products online?

Configurable products are one of the last frontiers in online buying.

The challenges are formidable. It’s not enough to have a drop-down configurator. Not only do you need to model data from SAP VC, but you have to present it in a user-friendly interface that reacts as the customer configures the product.
What if your users could configure products through self-service, on any device, with a product visualizer and SAP VC integration?


Welcome to Corevist Self-Serve CPQ Buying.

Seamless CPQ with SAP VC data.

Configurable products have never been so easy to buy (or sell). Our web-based CPQ interface allows customers and/or internal users to configure products online, then place orders or RFQs within our e-commerce solution, Corevist Commerce.
It’s a next-generation CPQ solution, integrated with SAP variant configuration.

CPQ Buying Solutions with SAP VC Data | Corevist

Sell configurable AND non-configurable products in one commerce platform.

Corevist is a flexible, scalable commerce solution that empowers manufacturers to sell both types of products in the same customer experience.

Alongside purchasing non-configurable items, users can configure products and add them to their cart for ecommerce ordering, or place a request-for-quote, depending on your preferred workflow.

  • Present the right configurable product attributes on the web, straight from SAP variant configuration.
  • Easy, self-service product configuration.
  • Accurate, real-time pricing direct from SAP.
  • Accurate, real-time inventory/ATP straight from SAP
  • Both RFQ and full order placement supported


CPQ-enabled solutions for all use cases:

Corevist Commerce + CPQ

Full commerce suite with rich content, integrated to SAP VC out of the box, CPQ interface available.

Your buyers get an Amazon-style experience, personalized catalogs, self-service CPQ, and much more.

Self Serve Ordering + CPQ

Manufacturer ordering portal and shopping cart, fully integrated to SAP VC, CPQ interface available.

Give professional buyers lightning fast ordering by SKU + easy self-service CPQ buying.

Field Sales Portal + CPQ

Mobile-ready field sales portal for your inside & outside sales reps, CPQ interface available.

Your reps can configure products and place orders on behalf of customers, from any device.

What if we could speed up
your quoting process by 25%?

Fighting technical difficulties in product configuration isn’t a good use of your reps’ time.

Make it easier to configure products so they can focus on higher-value sales tasks. The more time they spend on upselling, cross-selling, and customer communication, the more they’ll sell. You get:

  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Bigger deals
  • Real revenue growth


What if we eliminated errors
in RFQs & CPQ orders?

Redirect your Customer Service Reps to higher-value tasks.

Corevist’s self-service CPQ buying solutions empower your customers to configure their products and place orders or RFQs, error-free. With intelligent error messaging, Corevist lets customers know when they’ve broken the rules for a configurable product in SAP variant configuration. Our solution will only post 100% error-free orders/RFQs to SAP.

With routine order-fixing eliminated, your CSRs can focus on higher-value tasks. 

Any CPQ vendor:

● ConfigAir

● Tacton

● Configit

● Other CPQ vendors

Any vertical:

● Medical devices

● Commercial products

● Industrial manufacturing

● Automotive

● Consumer packaged goods

● Construction materials

Any device:

● Mobile

● Tablet

● Desktop

Essential features
for self-serve CPQ

✔ Real-time from SAP:


• Accurate SAP VC product attributes


✔ Instant online ordering or RFQ posting


✔ Personalized catalog


✔ Personalized pricing


✔ Personalized discounts/promos


✔ Personalized ATP


✔ Requested delivery dates


✔ Alternate units of measure


✔ Order, shipment, & credit status


✔ View/pay open items & invoices


✔ Multiple shipping locations


✔ Multi-customer management


• Rich content for products


• Related products


✔ Smart SKU subsitution


• Product comparison


• Product reviews


• Clickable parts diagrams (optional)

Ready to learn more?


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