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Intelligent enterprise for customers

SAP’s concept of the Intelligent Enterprise has served as a rallying cry for manufacturers launching digital transformation. Manufacturers are getting “smarter” every day with SAP’s powerful ERP solutions.

Of course, the enterprise isn’t the only one getting smarter. Customers have more information at their fingertips than ever—and they expect an online ordering experience that gives them all the information they need.

How do you bring the power of your intelligent enterprise to your intelligent customers?

At Corevist, we believe that journey starts when you give every customer a personalized experience with 100% accurate data in your web store.

What does that look like in real life? Here’s one small example: what happens when you hit “update cart” in Corevist Commerce (which interacts with SAP ERP in real time).

Example: ATP in the intelligent enterprise

When you update the cart in Corevist Commerce, you might see that for a given product, 3 pieces are available next week, while 15 more are available in 3 weeks. This is driven by real-time ATP calculations in your SAP system, and this insight is a key part of the eCommerce experience for intelligent customers.

But how much intelligence goes into that ATP calculation in SAP?

Quite a bit, actually. In a nutshell, ATP is the addition and subtraction of numerous supply and demand elements to determine the available quantity on a date:

(+) Supply elements

  • Inventory on hand
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendor shipping notifications
  • Process orders (production)
  • And more

(-) Demand elements

  • Customer sales orders
  • Customer deliveries
  • Process order requirements
  • And more

The scope of your ATP calculation is fully configurable within SAP. You can decide which factors should influence the calculation, and which ones should be left out. You can tailor your ATP calculation to include things like sub-assemblies on hand, orders placed to your suppliers, their lead time to you, length of your manufacturing cycle, and much more.

If you’ve invested time and effort in creating an intelligent ATP calculation, it stands to reason that your web store should present that personalized calculation to buyers.

In fact, ATP is essential to creating a great experience for intelligent customers. Your B2B eCommerce solution should show ATP calculations by product and customer, in real time, straight from SAP.

Beyond ATP: Satisfying the intelligent customer

ATP is only one example of the real-time information which intelligent customers need in your web channel. In fact, the intelligent enterprise should give buyers total transparency and 100% self-service capabilities for browsing, buying, and account management. That means things like:

  • Real-time credit status (Can the user place an order, or will it go on credit block?)
  • Self-service invoice payments (So the user can keep their account in good standing)
  • Personalized pricing (So there’s no question if the user is getting an accurate contract price, or how much the order will cost)
  • Personalized catalogs & picklists (So the user doesn’t have to wade through product lines which aren’t relevant to them)
  • Total visibility into order history & status (So the user doesn’t have to call Customer Service to get updates)
  • And much more

At Corevist, we believe that intelligent customers deserve transparency in a self-service web channel. That’s why our solutions include direct, real-time integration to SAP. Read more here: Our 53 SAP Integration Points.

The Takeaway: Intelligent enterprises give customers 100% transparency and self-service capabilities

So what is the intelligent enterprise, in your customer’s eyes? It’s not enough to have all that intelligence locked up in the ERP system. Customers need the ability to interact with it through a self-service web channel.

In other words, customers need 100% transparency into everything they need to know to do business with you. And they need the ability to move through their journey through self-service. The best way to bring the intelligent enterprise to intelligent customers? Through a web channel that interacts with SAP ERP in real time.

Moving forward: FREE case study

Want to see an intelligent enterprise bringing 100% transparency to their customers? Download this case study on LORD Corporation. You’ll learn how this leading industrial manufacturer launched Corevist Commerce with the power of SAP ERP at the core. The results? 41.5% revenue growth in the digital channel.

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