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It’s here today.  In real time:

SAP hybris integrationIf you love hybris as a Product Information Management and as a Content Management System (as much as the Gartner Group and we do) and are happy with the time, effort and cost that it’s going to take you to integrate it with your SAP® system to support your Multichannel B2B business, than stop reading now.
However, if you’re a little (OK, maybe a lot) frustrated by the inability to get anyone at hybris (or their many implementation partners) to give you a straight, and reasonable, answer to how to leverage the best of the hybris platform AND all of your investments in SAP® to support your B2B customers, than sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy today’s blog post.
This one is for you!

Last August I promised in my “An Update on hybris for SAP® B2B Manufacturers” post, that Corevist would:

“…bring the same architectural concepts and intellectual property that has made us a leader in the Magento/SAP® B2B eCommerce space to SAP® clients who want, but can’t afford, to implement hybris.”

Today, in conjunction with our friends at DSS Partners, we’re delivering on that promise.
We’re announcing the immediate availability of a hybris extension that transforms the “hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2B” from merely a toolkit waiting to be integrated to SAP® to a fully functioning, real time integrated, multichannel ecommerce platform.

SAP® hybris B2B eCommerce integration with Corevist:

With the availability of the our hybris extension, in addition to providing your B2B customers with hybris’ consumer like shopping experience, you’ll be able to provide them with all of the following SAP® based capabilities as well:

  • Real time inventory checking
  • Contract pricing
  • Real time credit checking
  • Real time order placement with 100% support of all SAP® business rules
  • Real time order tracking
  • Visibility and reporting for ALL orders and invoices regardless of whether they were placed via the web channel or phone/fax/email or EDI.
  • Support for any SAP® Order types (Standard, Sample, Quotes, Returns etc.)
  • Support for all role types with appropriate security – (Customer, Customer Purchasing Mgr, Customer Finance Mgr, Customer Admin, Salesperson, CSR etc.)

What’s critical to understanding the Corevist integration approach is that, unlike with the hybris Datahub approach, all of the aforementioned capabilities are realized WITHOUT REPLICATING AND SYNCHRONIZING any business data and SAP® configuration rules across the hybris and SAP® platforms.  hybris owns all of the Product information and SAP® owns all of the Order Management rules and website users access each in real time as they traverse through their website experience.  We integrate the two platforms not at the data level but at the business process level…namely, the shopping cart management, checkout process and customer service interactions level.
Here is a short slideshow that gives you a quick peek as to what the integration looks like and what it can accomplish for you.  For a more detailed discussion, drop us a line and let’s schedule a conversation.

I look forward to speaking with all Manufacturers and SAP® hybris implementation partners who are interested in making the best of both of their investments in hybris and SAP® without incurring the additional complexities, costs and risks of lengthy integration projects.
In the meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ring up all of the owners of all of those delayed B2B hybris projects that have contacted me in the past 8 months and let them know that help is on the way.