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Sam Bayer


Inc 5000 Winner – What Does It Mean?

Today the world finds out that Corevist was amongst the 5000 fastest growing private American companies in 2015.  What an accomplishment!

Technically, in order to make the Inc. 5000, a company has to have generated at least $2M in revenue in 2015 and then is ranked on their three year growth rate.

Corevist (nee b2b2dot0) has come a long way since we opened our bootstrapped doors in January of 2008.  This recognition from Inc. 5000 is a great opportunity to reflect on our team’s journey to date and to reaffirm our commitment to embracing the challenges and opportunities that lay before us.

First let me reflect.

What I think making the Inc. 5000 really means to us is that there is now public confirmation that Corevist had the:

  • wisdom to pick a market segment with a real need (SAP Manufacturers seeking an affordable world class B2B eCommerce solution),
  • motivation to go after it.  We were/are fueled by our desire to build a better solution and a better company.
  • operational skills to build, implement, operate and support our product while managing our profitable (yes profitable!) growth,
  • tenacity to make it happen in spite of our unfortunate timing of launching the company at the start of the worst recession since the Great Depression,
  • resilience to deal with: the “realities” of the external forces conspiring against us, all of our many self-inflicted wounds and the inevitable physical and mental tolls that come with entrepreneurship,
  • agility to twist and turn as required without ever losing sight of our clients and their needs,
  • good fortune to sometimes simply be at the right place at the right time.  You can’t do this without a little luck along the way!

As Corevist looks ahead, there is no reason why we can’t become permanent fixtures on the Inc. 5000 list.

2016 is shaping up to be our best year ever…by far and by all counts.  Revenue, profits, bookings, clients, you name it, the numbers are up.

The SAP B2B eCommerce market is still in its early stages.  My estimates are that only 10% of the addressable market for a B2B eCommerce solution has a non-homegrown solution in place.  That leaves a lot of companies out there that haven’t gotten the message that the internet is here to stay and that their staff has much more important things to worry about than building and maintaining a digital commerce infrastructure.

The combination of our evolving relationship with Magento, the industry’s leading eCommerce platform, and SAP hybri$’s seemingly permanent blindspot to the SMB (Small to Midsize Business) Manufacturer, is turbocharging the execution of our strategy.

In addition, while I really don’t want this information to leak out, two of our clients are in the Fortune 100.  Apparently that means that we’re not just an SMB solution :-).

Lastly, our commitment to only hire the best, and our focus on process improvement and scalability, bodes well for our ability to manage the challenges of our continued growth.

Today I officially proclaim the “startup” chapter of the Corevist story complete.

We started to write it in December of 2008 when we were awarded a grant by a local Research Triangle Park, NC organization called NCIDEA.  That award recognized the promise of our business concept and demonstrated confidence in our ability to execute on it.

Our inauguration into the Inc. 5000 fulfills that NCIDEA prophesy.

Well done Corevist!